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Custom Mouthguards


Does anyone have any recommendations for custom mouthguards? Any experiences with the company's where they send the impression kit to you and you mail it back to them?


I would just contact my dentist to make one up for ya.


Yes, Gladiator is awesome. You'll never look back.


I'm interested in this too? website?


I ordered my mouthguard from gladiator already, $75 is a lot cheaper than I am going to have to pay to get my teeth fixed right now, so I figure its definitely a worthy investment.


Thats fucking awesome, i'm going to order one for football.


They're awesome. Once you have a mold You can resend for another mouthpiece at half the price. Great Costumer service to. I must of messed up my mold 3x. They mailed me back the impression kit 3x without any attitude at all. I was shocked. I plan on getting another one, but I chipped one of my tooth & got another removed.


I got with boil and bites. Much cheaper and does the job just fine.