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Custom mix postworkout shake


I've been thingking about mixing my own post workout shake from components, since the stuff on the market in my country is usually an arbitrary mix of differrent types of protein isolates and concentrates, ostensibly providing "timed release". What I want is a FAST shake. Quick release! So what do you guys think about these shakes?

Whey Shake #1

  • 50g Whey Protein Isolate (Cross Flow Microfiltered)

  • 50g Maltodextrin Powder (Dextrose Equivalent 20)

Whey Shake #2

  • 50g Whey Protein Isolate (Cross Flow Microfiltered)

  • 25g Maltodextrin Powder (Dextrose Equivalent 20)

  • 25g Glucose Powder

I can also add the following to any of the above shakes.

Additional items

  • 300mg Methoxy Sterone / Ecdysterone

  • 3g Creatine Monohydrate

  • 2g Sodium Chloride (table salt)

It's also possible to substitute Soy Isolate, which is MUCH cheaper, but probably not nearly as fast. Also doesn't mix as well.

What do you guys think. The science makes sense... I think, but I'd really appreciate anyone who can share info and expreience with me.

Does anyone have a resource that discusses the comparative speed of release of the different types of proteins (whey, casein, soy, egg, etc)?


Oh, and there's also the possibility of adding ALA, but I haven't been able to source anything I could use, though.


If I were you I would go with either one, however, I do believe that the second combo is the better of the two.

Add the creatine in the shake for sure post workout (best absorbtion time).

DO NOT EAT SOY (unless you like the boobs to play with sometimes).

From that list, whey is the one that is the best for post workout, from what I have read at least. I may be wrong though.


use hydroisolates they are faster and easier absorbing hence the best post workout protein choice yet, ion exchanged and ultra filtered ones arent bad either, heres my shake

40 grams whey from (Hydro, ion exchanged and ultra filtered)

one serving of gatorade mix or 25 grams of maltdex plus 10 of glucose.

To add crabs i throw in a banana if using milk i reduce the portein powders to 30 grams, cause milk has proteins, and carbs. I also add 2.5 grams of creatine in the shake ( i drink 3gs during the workout session in a gatorade)


tracer, number 2 is the best combo. The most quickly releasing whey is hydrolyzed whey. That is what you should be using in your PWO shake. You should also be taking your weight into consideration when deciding on the quantities of sugars and whey to use. BCAAs are important too.

You can also add creatine and glutamine.

I could go into more detail, but JB explains it better than I can. Check out the link below for details.



number 2 looks good, add some bcaas with creatine if you can. try to get that 2:1 carb protein ratio. laters pk


You can use any whey protein, be it an isolate or an isolate/concentrate blend. Any whey protein is a fast release protein, even concentrate. If a manufacturer claims that it is a "pm" protein or a slow release protein, and yet it's ingredients are only whey proteins, then they are bullshitting you. Hydrolyzed would probably be best because it has the highest concentration of available BCAAs, and post-workout is the best time to take BCAAs because of their anti-catabolic properties, however hydrolized protein is expensive and it is not easy to find sold on its own. Add your own BCAAs to your whey and you are good to go. Throw in some added glutamine(and there is much debatable controversy about this) and your mix is as good as any. You could use the regular whey isolate, either cross flow or ion-exchange, it doesn't matter it's all the same thing. The ion-exchange was the first introduced method and it is patented by a company called Davisco. All the different brands of protein out there that use ion-exchange, get it from the same source, Davisco. The other companies couldn't use the method without patent infringement, so they came up with CFM. Both have benefits and drawbacks but for the purpose of post-workout anti-catabolism, it makes no difference. This is why you should never use whey proteins at any other time of the day, only during and post-workout. Whey protein has no anabolic properties. It is very low in the important growth factors and it is too quickly digested. You must use milk protein blends if you want to grow. Blends with egg, beef plasma, caseinates, miscellar caseins, milk isolates. These are the only ones you should use at other times. Biotest Grow is an example of a good blend. Biotest does not produce a whey protein for this reason. If you want to use something postworkout, then they offer Surge.


Soy isolate will not necessarily give you breasts.

First off, not everyone is susceptible to gyno, in the first place.

The phyto-estrogens in soy are weaker than those produced by the body, and hence there is competition between the body's own estrogens and these weaker ones. If your'e on an andro that's prone to aromatisation, then the Soy phyto-estrogens will actually help reduce the effect of that andro.

Although there are reports that Soy lowers testosterone, there are an equal number that say it doesn't... so who to believe?

Also, Soy isolate has more glutamine and almost as much BCAAs as the best whey isolate at about half the price.

I'm not saying its great protein, but I'd definitely choose it over no protein, and since a 50/50 malto+soy shake will set you back about half what a blended protein + malto shake will cost in the same ratio, I think soy is decent if your'e cash-strapped. At any rate, it's better than having half the shake or none.


Well, thanks a lot folks, especially Loopfit. I never would have guessed about that whole copyright business.

I hate the taste of Hydrolysed whey. I can get it pure because a friend of a friend works for a guy who... etc...
But the whay isolate that I am using is quite rich in BCAAs (it's the best product on the market here, short of the imported stuff which is prohibitively expensive - exchange control markup is about 50%, so buying a year's worth of Surge is like buying a small family car...).

BCAA supplements are a little expensive and perhaps crappy here too... for some wierd reason, and instead of adding a gram of that stuff for about 150mg Leucine, 190mg Isoleucine and 140mg Valine (or something like that) I'd much rather just add more whey. Or I could buy the Weider BCAA supplement, pay more and get even less BCAAs.

I agree with the Creatine stuff. I also take it during the workout with my own delivery system (Maltodextrin, Fructose, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride), but I completely agree that it belongs in the post-workout shake too. Does Gatorade have citric acid in it? For some reason almost all the carb stuff down here does, and that acid quickly converts the creatine into creatinine, which is useless.

I want ALA, both for the Creatine and the Post-workout, but I want it cheap, and that's not easy to get.

I'm also throwing in a couple of grams of Glutamine as well... I agree that it's debatable, but I do notice a gain in water-weight when on it, so it's getting into the muscles and volumising cells, so it is doing something... and I get it cheap.

The Methoxy is really cool too. I mixed up a #1 shake (the Malto is DE 20 which is quite fast in itself, so I think the Glucose may be overkill) and the Methoxy, Creatine and Glutamine. Almost immediately, I felt a "warm" feeling in my muscles, especially in the trained areas. It was like the post-pump feeling, but not as intense. Bottom line, I think the Methoxy is doing something, and a perceptible difference is good, in my book, where there are loads of supplements that have tenuous effects at best.


I make my own postworkout shake consisting of 40-50g of CFM whey and 50g of maltodextrins. I don't really see that much difference between maltodextrins and glucose/dextrose other than the mixablity and taste. I also add 5g of creatine (creapure) and 5g of glutamine (already have them so might as well use them). I don't see the point in taking extra BCAA since you already have plenty of them from whey proteins. Too much $$$ for little BCAA supplements. I find it hard to believe after consuming 250-300g of protein a day, ya'll think ya'll need to supplement more BCAAs! CFM is the highest qualtiy whey protein on the market although ion exhange has higher %protein but the benefits of CFM outweigh Ion exchange. About the hydrolized whey... just how much faster absorption compared to others?


I don't think the hydrolysed stuff is all that good anyway... I figure you don't absorb much if you puke it up.

The idea has been thrown around of adding digestive enzymes to the shake, but that's possibly dumb, since protein digestion begins in the acid medium of the stomach and them progresses to the small intestine, where there are completely different enzymes, so which ones do you add.

I have noticed a mixability issue with my malto as well. Tungsten, does Glucose improve the mixability? How can one improve the mixability of Malto anyway?


A little update... if anyone ever reads this.

I've had good results adding in some Vanadyl Sulphate (150mg) and Alpha lipoic Acid (300mg) to the above shakes. This rocks... although you tend to crash a while after the shake, if you get a meal in by then your'e fine... and the benefits in terms of higher training intensity, reduced soreness and recovery are just freakin' great. That's my mix now, and it works out to cost about as much as normal stuff on the market because I got together with friends to buy bulk and now use a blend of isolate and concentrate.