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Custom Made Wquipment


Is there anyone out there interested in custom made equipment? Anything that you wish existed, but does not yet? Basically, if you can dream it we can build it. Just let me know!


Who is this "we" that can build it?


How about one of these that covers your entire body, so you can just build muscle while watching tv on the couch.



haha!! I will get that in the works!


We are a small company in Texas. My dad is a retired firefighter that has been building and fabricating all this life. Since he is now retired, he is now doing it full time. The company name is Double "A" Weight Lifting Systems. We've so far had clients that range from NCAA schools and as legit as the Seattle Seahawks. We are now branching out into more custom equipment. Anything on your mind?


Mostly I was curious. I always have something on my mind though...