Custom Cycle Feedback/Input.

Hey guys,
So I threw together my own custom cycle with the intention of a 60 day cycle that would put on as much lean mass as possible without using a PH that is terribly hard on the liver, or purchasing any anti-estrogen scrips for the test. Lemme know what you think, any input would be appreciated.
Please don’t be a **** either, this is my second cycle, and first one I am throwing together myself. I am looking for honest feedback/input. Thanks.
Profile: 26 y/o, M, 188lbs, 6’1", around 15% bf. I train 6 days a week with isolated workouts, and rotate weeks between high weight low rep, low weight high rep, and one week explosive at reg weight. I also add 20min cardio every other workout.

Week 1: 2 x 150mg Test-E* (300mg total)
2 x 10mg Epistane (20mg total: 1 in the AM and 1 in the PM)
2 x Vcaps - Elixir Liver Support

Week 2-8: 2x 150mg Test-E* (300mg total)
3 x 10mg Epistane (30mg total 3 times daily 6 hrs apart)
2 x Vcaps - Elixir Liver Support

PCT: 30 days:
2 x Caps - Arimestage PCT 50
2 x Vcaps - Elixir Liver Support

(*NOTE: The test is IM injected 300mg per 1cc liquid)

grow up. i cannot stand when people ask dumb advice and then ask/demand others not to be “mean” to them. if you haven’t realized this yet, using AAS can have a negative effect on your long-term health and might be felonious behavior where you live. if you can’t handle people giving it to you straight on the Interwebz, then you have no business dabbling with androgens.

^with that being said, here is my advice based off your proposed cycle.

  1. if this is your 2nd cycle, then you should be using more than 300 mg of test a week. 500-600 mg will give you great gains.

  2. if you’re worried about your liver, then you shouldn’t be running Epistane for 8 weeks.

  3. get a real AI and SERM. if you can’t get them locally, get them from a “research chemical” company.

Shit cycle.

Running TRT dose, no AI, and no real PCT.

Don’t even want to know what your first cycle was. Did you also PCT with a test booster?

Apart from that…take cyco’s advice.