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A few weeks back I posted a topic about child custody and how I wasn’t getting anything done. I got some good replies. I now have a court date on Dec 5th for pre-trial. Both boys ages 16 and 9 want to come live with me. I can’t prove her to be unfit because she isn’t. The fact that she doesn’t follow the visitation and compaionship rules leave her comtempt if I’m not mistaken. For instance last year was the odd year and my year to have them for Thanksgiving and other holidays. I didn’t happen. I was told by her to have them back by 3:30 on Thanksgiving day. The appendix for that states that I’m entilted to have them from Wed the day before at 5pm to Fir the day after at 5pm. Also she never sent any clothing with them on the weekends. We bought them both clothing to have here. she dosen’t keep me informed on what going on with them. Like school functions, doctors and my oldest had got into trouble and I wasn’t informed of it until two weeks had passed. These are little things but I feel they need to be followed. I helped bring those boys into this world and had I know that the day our divorce was final I had to give up my title of father, I would of never gone through with it. What has happend to this country when a father can’t be a father anymore just because one Bitch loves someone else and you have no choice but to leave. I feel that If I have to pay a thousand dollars a month in child support I should have a more active role in their lives. Not just someone the come visit 4 days a month. I would be a different story If I live in another stay but 1 mile away. come on. Can I help it that I have a more loving home than she and they want to live with me than her. All this and most likely the courts will side with her. That’s the way its been. Men can raise children just as good as a female.

I’m not sure what state you live in, but the decision will probably be left up to the boys…especially the 16 year old. Since you live right there, joint-custody is another possibility…but most likely the judge will sit down with your 16 year old son and get the lowdown, and make a decision based on that. Judges do what they feel is in the best interests of the children.

Good luck man! I’m scheduled for my custody hearing the following week. I have been making the same arguments as you for the last year. Take the four days that you have and enjoy them. I’ve only seen my two year son 4 times in the last year. If you have time, get the book “Father’s Rights.” I ordered it from B&N. It has a lot of helpful information. Best of luck to you.

Has you requested Minors’ Counsel? That way your children will have a court appointed attorney representing their best interests.