Cusoms seizure

I thought it would never happen but I decided to have a package sent express to me and here we have it. The package has been held in customs for a week now when it should not take more than two days. Though my source did tell me that sometime they just hold on to a package for up to two weeks and then release it. I dont know why that happens. But back to my main concern. The name I had on the package was the same name I have on a P.O. box that I also use to get stuff, although I used and entirely different address in different zip codes but the same city. There are two packages being sent to that box right now (not express) and I am concerned that because I have a seized package that bears the name of the P.O. box holder the box will be flagged as well. One of the packs to that box is a little late but that happens quite often. All I want to know is what should I be expecting. Any help would be appreciated.

They are holding more packages because of the patriot act. “Sept.11th”

Now just a tid bit of of advice. If you have something sent to you they may be questionable you need to be smart about it.
Go to a bank that sells visa gift cards & tell them the amount you want on it. You have to fill out a form name,addy, ssn etc. Because you pay cash you do not have to show id. Remember what you put on the form. Get a mail box at mailboxes etc. or something similar. Have it sent there. Pick it up there. when you go to pick it up make sure that it looks like a normal package, brown box etc. If it is in a package that sticks out, leave it. Someone it watching for the colored pkg.

I would not go and try to pick it up. They may sent it and wait to see who picks it up. I would cut my
losses. Next time use reg mail. A lot of expess mail
get checked by customs.

That is a difficult question to answer, but remember this as much as I love the feeling of being on steroids, no steroid or steroids are worth your freedom.

I generally just go down there (to the customs office) in person and explain that I’m all ready to start my cycle. I tell them I’ve already recieved three packages of steroids, and the one they are holding is the final piece of the puzzle.

Usually they apologize profusely for holding things up, then ask if I would like to take some of the other seized packages in compensation for the inconvenience.

While I’m looking though the other seized packages one (or sometimes two) of the really hot female officers usually ends up hitting on me and then takes me into the back for a little “oral strip search” that involves testing seized Cialis and always has a happy ending.

if it worked for warwhores its bound to work for you

Holy Shit!
The next time you stop at customs, bring me with you!

Thanx for the pointers warhorse. Ill keep note of that.

Damn, how come it did’nt work like that for me when I got busted? OHHH, I remember, I was on the wrong side. They have to be American customs agents right Warhorse? Make sure you point that out because last time you gave me this advice I was in Mexico and I ended up in the coop for some time. You need to be more specific about WHICH COUNTRY you can do this in. Does the Cialis really work? Have you ever been hit on by any of the male customs agents? Not that you are into that sorta thing. Nice to know that you are loved on both sides of the coral though eh? :slight_smile:

Yeah, Cialis works, haven’t you tried it yet? Half a Cialis and I can go through a pile of stuffed animals six feet deep!

I could do the same thing in MX customs. You just gotta be smooth and act like you own the place - lol.