cushings disease

my doctor thinks i may have this. does anyone know anything about it?

Surprised your doctor didn’t tell you more about it. Here’s what I found in my Medical Dictionary: “a disorder of the metabolism caused by overproduction of the hormone ACTH, resulting in hypertension, striated skin, accumulations of fat on the face of and other areas, and various other disturbances.” Goodluck with your condition. :frowning:

thanx for your reply.
from what i heard it had something to do with the over production of cortisol.
we only have 3 endocrinologist in my town and the waiting list is long.i see him on the 21st.i thought someone may have been familiar with it,and have some ideas on lowering cort.production.

Do an internet search and get as knowledgeable as you can. Endocrinologists are not perfect and can make horrible mistakes. You want to be able to question whatever you are told, and to make him explain everything so you can understand it.