Cushing Suspended for Teh Roidzz

Brian Cushing, a product of DeFranco’s was suspended for steroids. Thoughts?

U beat me to it! Im a big time Cush fan…this sux! So what everyone else is doing it! (then I storm out arms crossed)

Pretty disappointting on many fronts for myself. Long time fan of DeFranco and Houston NFL. buddy just texted me about it and I started searching.

Honestly not surprised though.

I love the guy, but as a cowboys fan im glad he wont be in the game!

Im only disappointed because he now misses 4 games!

It should also be noted that he was the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2009.

It also should be noted that he is a fuckin bad ass on the field.

I remember Joe DeFranco post saying how ignorant people were when they said Cush was using steroids and how hard he had worked (which I don’t doubt) to be there, i’ll see if i can find it

EDIT: here it is

[quote]WestCoast7 wrote:
It should also be noted that he was the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2009.[/quote]

Wasnt he also a pro bowler? Also, x2 on him being a badass on the field.

Anyone know what he tested positive for?

Beast Mode.

no way!

Taylor Mays is a freak too! but prolly juices as well…either way they r still damn fine athletes who just tried to recover a lil faster(or alot)

[quote]JGerman wrote:
Anyone know what he tested positive for? [/quote]


[quote]ADvanced TS wrote:

[quote]JGerman wrote:
Anyone know what he tested positive for? [/quote]


I heard multivitamin

How long before DeFranco changes that picture on his front page? Bets?

not surprised. there’s a popular picture of cushing with a nasty case of gyno. i don’t hold it against him though. he’s a beast either way.

Here is one of the gyno pictures.

So, a pro natty bodybuilder weighs in at 170 and is usually one of the biggest and baddest men in the house. Pro untested bodybuilders weigh in at 230+ onstage (generalization)

Now, obviously there are more pro football players, and likewise more kids playing football form a young age. But it is that unreasonable to say that many of those pro football players we see, tippin the scales at 5’10 230 (a la Rudi Johnson, LT2, Deuce, Zach Thomas etc) are all on roids? It seems unfair to punish Cushing because he was a bad example of roids gone wrong. There has to be a better way to resolve the steroid issue than the current war on drugs. Cause no one really wins

[quote]HeavyTriple wrote:
Here is one of the gyno pictures.[/quote]

He looks kind of tiny in that picture, could that just be natural gyno?