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Curves for Cunts

…sorry, women.

One of my clients visited Curves for 3 years. She spoke highly of her workouts where she did gasp leg extensions, leg adductions/abductions for her legs, and walked around with 5 lb weights on her ankles like a little loon.

Worry not, I set her straight. Her goal was to condition her body. I had her do the following:

B)Stiff Leg Deadlifts
D)Bench Presses
E)Crunches, leg raises, spinal extensions

She’s 51, and she’s just one of a dozen new Gym Patrons whose workouts are based around good core compound lifts since I started there.

YES…another phrase with the word “cunt” in it! i love that word.

Geez diesel, you’re on a roll today.

That post about the protien bar review (it was a joke son), then that wild-a$$ post to Capt whatever in the plantar fasciitis thread, now this. Maybe you should just lay low for a while.

  1. Goldberg wants to know if you figured out what the difference b/w adduction and abduction is.

  2. You’re an amazing trainer for being able to change all these people. Can you train me? I can’t make any gains.

I have given mulitple obese women a similar workout perscription. The latest one is like this-
6 days 2X15 minute cardio, later 2X30 minute

2-3 days lifting on the following-

12X dumbell squats later back squats
12X pull downs later pull ups
12X sumo deadlifts, one dumbell later barbell
12X low cable row
12X dumbell overhead press later barbell
12X bench press

repeat cycle twice, later three times with 30 seconds rest in between each set

2 days direct core

8X side dumbell deadlift later barbell
8X straight leg deadlift
8X ab roller or barbell
8X crunches

The object on cardio and circuit training is to facilitate body awarness and fat loss so I ask them to have at least two more reps with good form left in them. The object on core work is for strength-endurance and I suggest lifting as much as possible with good form for each rep.

I do believe your use of the word cunt is a bit misplaced young man.

No class!

If you think you know everything and think you’ve done everything, I know you’re an idiot.
- John C. Shepard

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I think desiel is just trying to be a post whore;). But, in all seriousness Deisel, she’s 51 are sure its wise to strart her out in that program that you describe. Not, only that her experice of training is Curves. Which does not provide training for bench, squats, deadlifts(stiff-legged), pull-ups ect. And god knows whatelse she did?

Thank god for light weights for begginners ;).

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Listen guys, I spent 14 years in the Navy (I’m a female) and have seen, heard, and read just about anything you can imagine, as well as having my fun too. Nothing, and I mean nothing, flips my switch (the wrong way) as quickly as that word. Don’t know why, but it’s just instant red vision.

Diesel, that woman was just mis-informed, and you’re setting her straight. Leave it at that would you?


Diesel can’t do that. He thinks he is the be all end all of trainers. Let him be in his own little world.

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