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Curves Fitness Bake Sale?


True story - was driving home last night munching on a cold chicken breast when I drove past the Curves near my house. Outside, on the curb, was a sign that said Curves Fitness Bake Sale. Now... c'mon... I've seen the ladies that go there. While I think the workout is better than nothing, I don't think they are "dialed in" enough for a cheat while working out.

Talk about a PWO meal that's just off...


um...you were eating a cold chicken breast while driving in your car?


Is that really that strange? I'm thinking enough of us do that...?


Munching on chicken while driving is a lot easier then trying to eat a bowl of oatmeal.


I used to train at a Gold's that had monthly "member appreciation" days where they served soda and pizza. . . in the middle of the free weight area.

Then, for some reason, they started hanging up banners from local restaurants, including a Chile's ad for an awesome blossom -- that 1000+ calorie deep fried onion thing.

It was flabbergasting. Does Jack Daniels sponsor AA meetings?


Yeah, I was eating chicken and as it was pointed out... much easier than oatmeal, quick protein and I get kindof cranky when I don't eat every 3 hours.

And NO, I didn't stop at the bake sale, LOL


No, but Philip-Morris does sponsor anti-smoking ad campaigns. Just thinking about that makes my brain hurt.


In northern New Hampshire a chapter of TOPS(take off pounds sensibly) has a yearly cookie walk. It's unclear if you eat the cookies before, after or during the walk. Most likley the group is raising money for a good cause, but I have never ventured to find out. Easier to eat cookies than chicken or oatmeal while walking.


Hi Shelle!

So, did you throw your chicken out the window at them? Ha. Nah, why waste it, right?

That is normal though, like Chris said. The gym I go to has bagels and cream cheese, muffins, and coffee on the second tuesday of every month, and on the first monday of every month, they have pizza at night.

It is an oxymoron, I agree. But the gym scene is very "social" and the members love it. Some people, believe it or not, work out just to be healthy and keep the "ol'ticker" working. They all don't want to be a sex goddess like yourself!

Maybe they weren't eating any of the baked goods? Maybe they were doing a bake sale to raise money to buy a new squat rack or pull up bar? Ha ha ha.



You're so right!! Maybe they were trying to raise money for a squat rack to do bicep curls in?

I'm so glad we have a home gym... I don't miss the commercial gym crap, LOL

Speaking of which, when you coming back to workout??


They do this because they were forced to by the government.

Funny story about Jack Daniels and AA...My mother in law is in AA and I went with her one night. Well they were serving coffee, Jack Daniels flavored coffee! WTF?


Dammit! why cant my gym give us pizza. I want some free food!

Eating cold chicken breast while driving is alot safer than ptting on mascarra while driving... which i have seen.


Curves seems more like a social club for overweight middle aged women. Granted they are getting together to move around and do some half hearted exercises. And that is better than not trying at all. But, I think when you get enough fat women together they naturally gravitate toward the unhealthy.

Have you guys ever seen the typical Curves instructor? YIKES!


Ah OK...makes perfect sense.


Haha I do oatmeal while driving as well! When I'm working out before work it's the only time to eat PWO :slight_smile:


I met a doctor this weekend who just bought a curves franchise. She is morbidly obese (as is her husband). I just don't see what her sales pitch could possibly be. "Look at all these curves I have. Well, actually they are just fat roll after fat roll after fat roll.."

She told me free weights were dangerous and didn't work as well as the curves hydralics and their mini-tramp. I didn't punch her in the face, though.


This was a requirement from the tobacco lawsuits. Thus why over 60% of tobacco sales come from overseas now.


Oatmeal while driving... I'm seriously impressed. Not that I will try it but if I see you on the road, I will honk and wave :slight_smile:


Not to change the subject of the thread......... but I saw a woman a while back, talking on the cell phone and smoking, while driving. This was in rush hour. I am not sure how she was controlling the vehicle, because it was moving, and she had the cigarette in one hand, and her phone in the other.

She was probably on her way to the Curves bake sale. <:slightly_smiling:

\|/ 3Toes.


My wife's running partner was let go from a curves type establishment, because she was too fit. Apparently she intimidated the larger women.