Curvature of the penis

This is kind of embarrassing, but it’s really been bothering me for years now. I’m 25 and I haven’t had sex in a really long time, all because I’m self-conscious about the curve in my penis. I’m not sure if there’s a term for it - or even a condition - but it is so inhibiting that I really want to do something about it. The curve itself isn’t even all that bad, really; I just don’t like it. (My worst nightmare is that I hop into bed with a beautiful woman, she sees it and giggles or something, says something like “You’ve got to be kidding,” or just reacts in some sort of obvious way.) I guess my questions are these: 1) Has anybody heard of this, what’s it called, and how does one go about fixing it? And 2) T-vixens, does a curved penis bother most women?

Sorry if this made anyone uncomfortable; this is not a joke and I’d really appreciate only serious responses. Thanks.

If i girl is gonna let you put it in her, is she really gonna complain about a little curvature? Just get them in bed, and worry about other things.

Its called Peyronie’s disease. There doesnt seem much to do about it. Although they do suggest taking vitamin E. The only time its a problem is if the curve causes a painful erection, or lack of. Other then that its just cosmetic… or goofy looking depending how much it curves. If it makes you feel any better they say its much more common then you would think. Hope this helps.

Unless it curves around and right back at you, I can’t imagine it being a problem. Mine has quite a nice curve to the left. In fact, I’ve been nicknamed “The Hook” because of it. Doesn’t bother me one bit, and the ladies love it because it hits that G-spot!

We had a guy in school that we called “45.” Now that was fucked up.

Bubba Clinton had the same thing and it didn’t stop him from wagging his in every woman’s face that he could…except for Billary and Janet Reno. Even Bubba had limits.

Be happy with what you f’in have!!!

Now, are we talking about a curvature that curves downward/upward/or to one side? Becuse one that curves SLIGHTLY downward is normal (as told to me by a doctor). The “hook”… That’s some funny shit.

yeah, i also heard that curving is normal. what about it being straight though, but aiming to a certain direction? my um, friend, has that problem. instead of pointing to center field, it kinda points to the far right.

Aaron - Don’t sweat it! The curve in my “stick” grossly
exceeds NHL guidelines! They deem that it gives me an unfair
advantage , being able to put it up into the top corner from
inside the “crease”; I tend to agree with them! Yeah it’s ugly,
but ALL DICKS ARE UGLY, MAN!!! The only problem I have with
it is that my stick curves upward… so when I wake up in the
middle of the night with a wicked stiffy and have to “bleed the
lizard,” I can’t use the toilet like normal people. (I “wood”
wind up pissing over my right shoulder…NOT GOOD!)…So I
keep an empty 1.5 liter “Aquafina” water bottle (the one with
the wide mouth) by my bedside for when the situation “dick-
tates.” P.S. - I’m happy with my tool, and I use it proudly!
Life is too “short,” hemm…to go around having a complex
about a “bent boner.” NOW GO OUT AND SCORE! -JOEY Z.

I’m always kind of suprised with how people will share such personal stuff with strangers over the internet. I guess if nobody knows who you are what does it matter. Anyway, I’ve read that a bit of a curve in any direction is normal. I myself have the same problem as JoeyZ except I don’t use a bottle I sit down (without feeling like a girl) & lean way forward. :slight_smile:

Ahahaha! Thanks guys - I appreciate all that! …Really made me relax over the whole thing.

Also, when someone asks me ‘how’s it hangin’ I say ‘a little to the left’.

lololololololol good one aron!!!

since you asked… i’ve seen one or two and they all curve in one direction or another. unless it curls like a cork screw or goes at a right angle don’t worry about it. and if you’re self conscience about it, at first do it with the lights off, once she knows that you know how to use it she’s not gonna care what shape it is.

with a bit of medical training behind me, this is normal. Put on a rubber and go get laid for God’s sake!

ops, i meant drax.

Many ppl claim to be able to “cure” this condition…they were the guys selling the penis enlargement techiniques, but sorry i have no idea if it is true.