Curt Schilling

Did anyone see the almost perfect game by Schilling? It was broken up by a bunt by Ben Davis. After the game, the manager of the diamondbacks said it was a chicken shit play. What was Davis supposed to do? Just because he doesnt normally bunt they say his hit was bullshit. He was doing everything he could to try and win the game. His hit brought the tying run to the plate. I just needed to vent. thanks.

goldberg, i couldnt agree more. how silly is it to ask players to ‘take it easy’ and let schilling have the perfect game?? thats ridiculous. davis did the right thing. the score at that time was 2-0 and he was trying to help his team win. a perfect game is one of the hardest (if not THE hardest) things to achieve in baseball. you dont just hand those things out, you have to earn them. peace

I watched the game, and I’m with you. If the game was a blow out, or if it was an inconsequential game, I can see Arizona having a point. However, given that both teams were tied for first and that the score was close, it was the perfect thing to do. Good game, though.

I kinda disagree. I’m not saying the guy has to give up his at bat for the perfect game, but the guy hasn’t bunted for a hit all year and probably never has!(I couldn’t get his past stats) Now, he decides to bunt when he knows he can’t touch Schilling? To me that is not how you play the game. You think Schilling isn’t going to knock this guy on his rump next time? Ahh, what the hell do I know, I couldn’t get out of single-A.

Ben Davis tried to bunt for a hit exactly one week prior to the Schilling game.

This is professional sports not 5 yr old T-ball. If you’re not playing to win you shouldn’t be out there. Period. End of story. Winning or breaking record by someone giving you a gimme’ is no win at all. Reminds me of when the Clippers let David Robinson score 71 points on the last day of the 1993–94 season to steal the NBA scoring title from Shaq.