Curse of the Vengeful Protein Shake

So my girlfriend and i like to get it on usually twice a day, but when she is ontop and jumping on my stomach, i get gas attacks and have to fart like a mad man, were talking loud avalanche making farts, this makes me self conscious as i feel iam grossing her out and i lose wood. She is good about it and usually just laughs. We have been together for a few years , are in love and all is good except for the gas , when she is pounding for on orgasm riding extra hard, that is when it comes worse.

Will ditch the protein, as all it does it turn me into a fartbag and ruin intimacy.

Does anyone have similar problems? If so what did you do about it

What protein sources are you consuming? Dairy, whey, etc?

have you tried digestive enzymes?

This thread made me LOL…

But yea, protein shakes make me fart some horrible smelling gas too. Doesn’t it have to do with egg protein?

Try different brands or types of protein.