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Currently on T Replacement Shots

Hello my doctor prescribed me test cyp 200 mg weekly injections,
1)i was wonderin how much other ppl on injections are taking

  1. and also if its better for me to inject bi-weekly @ 100 mg each rather than 1 200mg shot for more stable blood levels.

3)Also is it recomended to take HCG while on TRT?

Read the protocol for injections sticky and the estradiol sticky.

Yes, inject twice per week or EOD/E2D.

200mg/week is too much, did he prescribe 200 every other week?

since my levels were so low, 109 ng/dl he said hed start me off at 200 mg per week and then bring me down accordingly.

You need to understand that all TRT is 100% replacement as whatever is left of your own T production gets shutdown. So it does not matter how little your T was. Injecting 100mg of test ester will yield around 70mg of [bio-identical] testosterone, that is 10mg/day and that is roughly what a young normal virile male produces per day.

If you do 200mg/week, your estrogen will be very much out of control.

Read the stickies, then you will know that your doc is nuts.

yes i agree with you and i had mentioned to him if i needed to take anything to keep the estrogen down so i dont get a gyno etc, he said hes never had that issue and i need not worry , but next time im in the office ill prlli juss hand him the sticky , a physical copy and see what he has to say.