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Current-T-Vents, a poem, by MBE

Back in the day on this here T-forum
When the subjects were few and a different decorum
There existed a monkey fucked up as could be
The infamous tagger known as MBE
The forum of past was a glorious place
Down with the T-freques
Not so up in da face
The overhaul came, 'twas aesthetically pleasing
The techies worked hard for to stop the screen freezing
Back to the story of T-forum woes
Where half the OT reads “All women are ho’s”
Some trolls cling to threads with malicious intent
Others just disappear as soon as they vent
Spelling and grammar seem to decay
Evidently pic posters are flamingly gay
Political battles help to fan the flame wars
But time-outs are taken to call bitches whores
The simplest post becomes all-controversial
While 'lil MBE just like the commercial
Where the sad Injun cries when he sees all the litter
The forum’s been trashed and now he’s just bitter
For that “Injun” remark he’ll most likely get hit
With a ton of PC sensitivity shit
Half of which will be pointless
Two-thirds quite misspelled
“Is creyatine safe?”
Oh just go to hell!
Now the newbies are dumber
The flaming is frantic
The questions moronic
The answers pedantic
So once upon a forum
And perhaps I am boasting
It seemed MBE was the only asshole posting
But he got some props and a little respect
Because he didn’t ask if Drano was cool to inject
This T-mag forum is a community
Most of the people as cool as can be
Sometimes we need a good 'ol rape 'n a pillage
But for fuck’s sake let’s not burn the whole village

Thank you for lending an eye,


MBE: “T-Forum Poet Larryet. Fo 'eva.”

Freakin’ A, Monkeyboy.

Golf Clap…

I am now reverently bowing to my screen…

“We have not the reverent feeling for the rainbow that a savage has, because we know how it is made. We have lost as much as we gained by prying into that matter”

~ Mark Twain


Hereby nominating MBE as the resident Biotest forum pillage idiot…

Word, borther. Word.

Good one MBE, I at least miss the old forum. It seems though we have more of a variety with the different forums, it doesn’t hold the same appeal for me, though I try.
One thing I did not learn well in school was typing. My slowass 15 wpm speed gets in the way of very long detailed response when we get the old my _______ hurts, what should I do questions over and over. Hell tmag was a big push behind ART.
The repeated arguement over war, hos, whatever gets a little old. I’m a republican for certain reasons that go along with personal philosophy and beliefs. They won’t be changed by an argument. I heard it once said that stats are like loose women. Once you get them, you can do what you want eith them. I’m not going to change my beliefs based on a web forum arguement.
As for women they’re great, but they’re different. Lucky is the guy that finds one with common interests. You guys want a good woman? Be a good man. How can you demand character from someone when you don’t have. How can you find a classy girl when you have no class. Guy behavior is one thing. I laugh at raunchy jokes, fart, and am a guy, but I can clean up alright and do know when to behave.
I guess this is what happens wehn something gets bigger. I’m glad I have a free mag like tmag, but I really miss the old days.


I hate your guts. If we ever meet, I’ll kill you and eat your chargrilled monkey meat over an open flame pit.


Hey man, that was a great poem! You captured the forum so well. I gotta give you props on that one. Of course, you have probably stirred up many new enemies on the forum. Don’t worry, we’ll get your back.

Thank you all for your kind sentiments. Nate, my only real issue with you is whether I will urinate on you prior to or immediately following caving your head in and leaving you for dead on some random suburban sidewalk. I do, however, owe you some degree of respect for your longevity and contributions here, especially your hybrid of Renegade activities and oral sex, which I will take the liberty of dubbing “Renegade Rim-jobbing.” You are a beacon of…well, almost hope, for anyone who continuously takes a verbal ass reaming on the boards.
Joel, best RE ever!

MBE: “Pawnin’, Pornin’, Pwnin’ since 1333.”


You crack me up!

Your posts are, as usual, such a delight.

Are you going to urinate on me, throw feces at me or both?

True, true.


MBE, I miss your witty banter as of late and btw, is creyatine safe for injection now that drano isn’t?

later Guru X

Awww…Monkey, you may not be the only asshole on the forum anymore, but you’re still the biggest.

Game on.

A profound primate.

Injun? Injun? WFT? U fukin raceist basturd. HOw fukin dare yoyu. You sotle out land you fuckin honkey prik. I am so pised, I wil porbally go to a bar an fukl sime kid up like I daid after Arnold dised me.

IOW, nice poem!

MBE you’ll always be the biggest asshole on the forum of my heart.

Hell bro you know how i feel about ya. If i can ever give ya a hand just let me know

I have to agree we’ve all gotten a little silly around here as of late. I promise to fly right. …honest

So, you’re upset that your undiscovered gem has been discovered and just isn’t the same anymore. Well, well, well.

You have the Dog Pound so you don’t have to put up with the newbie scum. To lament the old hardcore days is… well, it’s progress my friend. If you still had the same small group of posters after all this time, you wouldn’t have a site to visit because Biotest would be out of business. They are in the business of selling supplements and the more people they can attract to this site, the more products they can in turn afford to develop.

To criticize new posters for asking questions that you deem stupid is just plain dumb. When you started lifting, did you know what you were doing? Were you as smart the day you started as you are now? Did you always ask intelligent questions or did you never have to ask questions because you knew the answers?

We all hate it when something we enjoy is discovered by everyone else, but we have to accept it and move on. If it bothers you so much start your own site. In the meantime, why not contribute?

PS. this was not proofed for spelling, grammar or punctuation, so eat me.

Wowzers, Monkeyboy!!! I loved it…tee hee :wink:

MBE, you know you are my hero.

MBE, those weren’t just words to a poem, they read like lyrics to a pounding, grinding, undulating, sweat-inducing hip hop tune.

The beat’s still in my head…

Is there no limit to this man’s genius?