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Current Sticking Points/Goals


Best ever (in training/comp): Bench 305, Squat 347, Deadlift 485
Estimated current 1RM: Bench 295, Squat 325, Deadlift 475

Sticking points:
Bench: In the middle. I do feel my shoulders giving out, and there's a large disparity in my military press and bench strength (my Military Press is only 155x3), so my other upper body day will be focusing on heavy work for Shoulder variations. 3RM ME with conjugate method (seated, standing, high incline, presses off pins).

Squat: Coming out of the hole and also a slow down in the middle. Overall my squat is the weakest and right now I'm doing a specialization phase where I start 2 days a week with heavy squat variations (one day wide stance, one day more narrow stance squats) and one day starting with one-legged work. In addition I'm doing hamstring, ab and lower back assistance work.

Deadlift: Coming off the floor, then again at the end of lockout. In conventional especially my knees actually shake a lot as I start the motion, so I'm starting to think bringing up my squat will help with the dead off the floor. That said my rack pull is pretty weak (same as my dead, really), suggesting my lower back in general is weak, so I'll be doing rack pulls after my squat on one of the days.
In last competition my deadlift was 60lbs below training max because my back was fried from squats. So a stronger lower back is a priority (though I did a posterior chain specialization phase last November-December so that should've helped at least a bit).

Right now I stand at 186 lbs. I plan to gain mass and strength until April 1, then cut down to 181 for a meet in May. I'd like to Bench 335, Squat 400, and Deadlift 500 (raw).

Thoughts? Suggestions?


Post videos? How is your squat form? No offense, but I bet it is bad and that you can get an immediate 50 pounds just by fixing it. On the deadlift do you have shortish arms? Do you pull sumo. Rack pull from where is the same as your deadlift?

I mean it looks like you have things in order, but it's still very vague and hard to give any input.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfGG9_8-A_A is from my last comp (last March). (note that I rushed the rack command so missed the lift)

One PL at the gym suggested strengthening my abs because I tend to fall forward a bit, which I have been doing.

I do have short arms and I do pull sumo (sumo is generally ~10 lbs better than my conventional)
Rack Pull from the knees.


The other day on a ME squat attempt I actually stalled in the middle even after flying out of the hole. After a pause I managed to grind it up. Similar thing seems to be going on in the video. Is this a lower back or abs issue or something?