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Current State of Ephedra?


Hey guys, I am wondering what the current state of affairs is with ephedra. Last I heard it was legalized in Utah or something like that. I know HOT-ROX is supposed to be great but I just miss that old wirey feeling and enhanced clarity that an MD6 or Stacker 2 would give me.


I live in Texas, and there are stores selling at least one brand that has the reduced dosage of 10mg.


What I find bullshit is the natural ephedra form was banned in the first place, yet the synthetic, man made ephedrine was not.

Its all about the money.

Ephedra is safe when properly dosed and cycled.


F-edra with 10 mg ephedra alkaloids is available on-line different places. It is just a lower dose.


I guess your referring to the ephedrine hydrochloride you can buy at the gas stations. I notice these products always have guafinessin (sp?) in it and I'm not quite sure what that shit is. Any idea? And yes, I notice the big boys are staying away from it as well.


I agree. The FDA loves natural products, don't they?


What I never understood is why anyone bought ephedrine, when pseudoephedrine has identical effects and at one point you could go to the pharmacy and get a 100 pack of 60 mg pseudo for $5.99. That was about 1/10th the cost of ephedrine and for most people has an even stronger effect.


If by effect you mean headache, then yes, it has a stronger effect. It doesn't have quite the same effect as far as fat burning.


If that terrorist organization the FDA, and yes, I truly believe they are WORSE than a terrorist organization, had there way, they would probably ban everything right down to vitamin C. If it can't make them and their lobbyists money they don't want it.

Ephedra? DHEA? Andro? All, when properly dosed, cycled and taken in by a repsonsible adult, are harmless. Yet they banned the two and are trying to bad the third. Why? Money.

Yet they pimp out ADD drugs, antidepressants, cholesterol medications, which are all MUCH MUCH more harmfull then the before mentioned substances, to the american public as "safe".

There a bunch of criminals if you ask me.


The natural Ephedra was/is sold as a "nutritional supplement". Ephedrine, the synthetic version, is actually FDA approved as an asthma treatment/med. It kind of makes them the same but different in politicians eyes. Or, they plain don't know the difference. But, being FDA approved I believe is what kept Ephedrine available, yet most sites will only let you but up to 6 bottles per month. There are even some sites that sell pure ephedrine HCL with no expectorant added.