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Current Routine

I am 45 years old, 5’10", 198 lbs, BF around 15%, married, two children, full time job, mortgage and car payments etc. I have been at this steadily for 15 years. Since I’ve past the 40 mark, the most notable issue, for me at least, is recovery. I love to stick with the basic’s: squats, deadlifts, benches, presses and chins. I train twice a week with weights and perform some kind of aerobic activity on two seperate days. However, if I attempt to weight train three times a week or more, I can keep it up for a week or two, but eventually I end up tired and feeling burned out.

My current routine:

Squat 275 to 300 plus chains: First set 10, second set 6 to 8.
Bench 215 to 225: First set 10, second set 6 to 8
Close grip bench: 185 x whatever I can get for two sets.
Chin (underhand) BW plus 45 lb plate First set 10 , second set 6 to 8.
Carry a 100 lb sandbag aroung the yard. 2 times


2 x Run uphill 1/2 mile and walk down


Deadlift 6 reps x 355 x 2 sets
Barbell Press 5 reps x 155 x 2 sets
Sandbag Clean and Press 100lb x 2 sets
Parallel grip chins 10 x BW plus 25 lbs.
Curls - Dumbells whatever I can get for 6-8 reps.

Walk on treadmill for 1/2 hour or so.

Thats it. I train in my garage so I don’t know what other guys do, but I would love to hear.

38 200 6’ - Mine changes every 6 weeks or so. It sounds like your workout is more ‘powerlifter’ focused than mine.

I love all the info I’ve gotten in the last 2 years here at T-Nation; the advice is great, the suppliments and protein rock (!) and I’ve even purchased a book (“Black Book of Training Secrets”) too, but my current workouts are based on info from Bill Pearl. That old guy was ripped! His site gives suggestions on a month by month basis. I still try to incorporate as much T-Nation info into my overall lifestyle (eg - 3 weeks 12 reps @ a normal weight, then 3 weeks 6 to 9 reps HEAVY with the same exercises - This really builds strength and size on me quick!), but with so many different choices and workouts available, I made a decision to stick to one program untill I finished it out.

MIKE (great421)

Currently 203lbs 6 ft tall, 12% bf aged 36. Been training since 16 years old.

Ive been following my current routine for around 8 weeks so its time for a change - dont like complicated stuff so I stick to basic core exercises which is where the problem lies - there are only so many variations of the core exercises you can do!

Thinking of doing the one lift a day programme next as outline by the great Dan John!

Day one
Back Squat
Military press (Standing DB or BB)
Power snatches

Day Two
GPP with sled for 40-60 mins

Day Three Stretch

Day Four
DB chest press
Bent over rows to chest wide grip
Power cleans

Day five
GPP with sled for 40 - 60 mins

Day six

Day seven
Nothing…maybe some touch rugby or hiking or mountain biking just for fun.

Currently rep range is 3-5 reps and sets from 5-8 depending on how I’m feeling. Rest intervals are short - 60 seconds or there abouts.

For the Oly lift varients, I will often do them in singles, but perform a rep every 30 seconds for 20 reps total…real killer!