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Current Routine - Full Body


Yeah squatting when I used it wasn’t too bad… Like you said, you just place your feet slightly ahead of you to ensure your back is inline with the movement of the fixed position. For those I definitely had a good workout on my legs that day.

Is it possible to effectively deadlift on a smith machine?

As for benching, should I focus on flat or incline?

I’m looking to do the 5x5 stronglifts again and stop complicating my perspective on it. As long as I position myself correctly, I should be fine and so should my joints.


I’ve used it for deadlifting before. Not to throw any curveballs at you, but if you decide on some sort of split over stronglifts, you could always use the smith for you main lifts (squat, bench, deadlift, press), and follow up with dumbell work.

You could do this with Ben Bruno’s set-up for college kids here


I’ll check this article out. Thanks!


I have found stiff-legged deadlifts in a smith machine to be a really good exercise. Personally I would do incline bench with dumbbells but you can pick between flat and incline if feel like it.


I’ll test out how I feel on the smith machine for bench and if it is a bit too awkward or not feeling too good with it, I’ll change to DB presses and work on that.


Leg press -5x5
Incline Dumbell bench- 5x5
Dumbell rows -5x5

Everything else… 3 sets of whatever

50 pullups spread throughout workout. Really doesnt need to be complicated


When you say 3 sets of whatever, what else would you add to this routine and how many days should I do this routine?

Would I include any deadlifts?


say3x15 -get the reps in and a bit of a pump. Main thing is bring it on the 5x5 lifts.

For accesories I would do Hamstring curl, rear delts as a priority and the pullups as mentioned.

Tricep rope, hammer curls, dumbell military press, side raises, abs etc depending on time and energy

Heavy farmers walks a great substitute for deads, personally wouldnt bother with them in smith rack

3 days a week is fine.


Perfect. This was a big help. Got this routine in my phone and will start this next week!

I’m not so good with pull ups, better with chin ups, can I do those?


yeah chins fine, good luck