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Current Progress Questions.

Alright, so I’ve been bulking since last June, and so far I’ve put on 35 pounds, going from 195 to about 230 at a height of 6’5", 20 years old. Skinfold tests say I’m 12-13% bodyfat.

I’ve been stuck at this weight for a solid 2 months, even increased my caloric intake to no avail, currently at 4300 on workout days and 4000 on non. I suppose this is my first major plateau. Anyway, I’ve just started doing Hypertrophy 1 from The New Rules of Lifting and hoping to see some progress on this though.

My question is, should I just stay and maintain to get my body used to the current weight, go bulk more, or attempt to drop some of the fat I’ve put on?

I hate asking that last question as much as you probably hate reading it, but I’ve made some decent progress and I have no fear of eating what I need so I thought it might be a bit more legitimate. For the record, here are some current lifts:

Squat: 250x1
Deadlift: 415x1
Bench: (DB) 90x1
Military Press: 150x1

Look at yourself in the mirror and is it bigger or smaller then your visual image of what you want to be? Address nutrition and exercise according to what you inspire to obtain for yourself.

I think you could be stronger with that height and weight though.

wow… get on that squat and that will fix that up…

I agree keep eating to perform gain strength as size, your not at a crazy BF or heavy weight for your height and lifts could use more work
Great progress no backin off now