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Current Program-Looking for Feedback!


Hey all was wondering if i could get a little feedback on this routine. Been doing it with som variations to prevent plateauing and muscle memory. My goal is strength/fat loss/Muscle Shaping without too much emphasis on growth (already having trouble fitting into my XXL shirts). Been doing it for 5 months. Weight down to 275 from 317 and looking pretty good per wife! Its a long split and usually takes 75 min w/o cardio but i enjoy it. Am i overdoing it? Im 44 so i figure the extra recovery between body parts would be beneficial.

Day 1
Bench 12,9,6,4,3,2,1,up 20lbs per set,add 50lbs partialsx8, starting weight x 8
Flat Bench Flies max weight 5-8x3 sets
Inclince Hammer Strenth 12,9,6x3
Standing cable (lower chest) 12x3 sets
Seated Calf 14, 8 x 3
Standing Calf 14,10, 8 x 3
30 min low impact cardio

Day 2
Deadlift 14,10,8,3-5,1
GHR 6 x 3
Wide Pull ups 8 x 3 sets
Reverse Grip Pull down 12, 10, 8 x 3
T Bar Row 12, 10, 8 x 3
Bicep Ladder on Smith 5 reps on each of 5 rungs, 3 sets
Black Jack Preacher Curls 21x3
Swimmer Curls on Cable station 8 x 3 sets
30 min low impact cardio

Day 3
Clean and Press from floor 12,9,6,3,1
Behind Neck Hammer Press 12,10, 6-8 x 3
Reverse Peck Deck 12,10,8x3 sets
Side Raises 8 x 3 (dumbbell)
Front Raises 8 x 3 (Barbell)
Tricep Dips with weight 8 x 3
Reverse Grip Bench 12, 8 x 3
Standing Behind neck skull crushers with cable 12, 8 x 3
Rack Run Dumbell Shrugs AMRAP x 5
Behind back Shrug on Smith 8-12 x 3
30 min low impact cardio

Day 4
24 Walking lunges (body weight)
Back Squat 12,9,6,3-4,1-2,1
24 Walking lunges (body weight)
Leg Press 12,9,6,4x3
Seated Leg Curl 8-10 x 3 with 2 sec up, pause, down
Romanian Deadlift 12,9,6-8x3
Lying Ham Curls Blackjack 21x3
Seated Leg Curl (Hamstring version) 8-10 x 3

Day 5 off/yoga/stretch

Diet: Reduced Carbs (mostly complex) 200-250g pro/day, clean fats mostly
AM 50g shake, Full Blown Extreme + 400mg caffeine pre workout, dilute Gatoraid during, Anabolic Recovery Matrix + 25 g whey post, first real meal in 1 hour, then eat every 3 hours or so with another 50g shake at bed. Multivit, Mellatonin, Cal/Mag/Zinc, D3, Fish Oil, B complex at Bedtime.

It seems to be working but im open for any suggestions on tweaking.
Bench 1RM 405
Squat 1RM 455
Deadlift 1RM 455
(Split my Sacroiliac Joint Deadlifting with bad form 5 years ago so limits my lower chain strength and courage! lol)

Thanks, appreciate the help


5/3/1 with some added conditioning work mabey


muscle shaping????

your program looks complicated to me. but then i like to snatch and squat, so most things do look complicated in comparison...


way too complicated, way too many exercises. 5/3/1


If you don't like 5/3/1

it's worth taking a look at King Beef thread at bb forum "Do this routine instead of that dumb one"




Also check out the over 35s forum


Nice benching man :slight_smile:

SO jelly right now!


just noticed what you said about your SI joint... perhaps you should go for rep records with the deadlift instead of 1RM?


Height 6'3"
Arms 19"
Chest 51"
Waist 40" (Down from 46" yay)
Current Weight 276
Thighs 26"
Single Reps are my advancement signal, soon as i can do 2+ with good form i up my weight, Roughly 20lb intervals for upper and 90 lb for lower body stuff (till last couple of sets up 40-50 per set). I looked at the 5,3,1 and it seems to focus on progressive strength gains. It seems to lack focus on other body parts, guess you could say i do a hybrid of the Metroflex Power-Building. Im hoping to loose the visceral fat (tighten my core) while maintaining descent legs and V tapered torso. Is there a modificataion to 5,3,1 that is a little more extended per workout?
Thank you for all the input! Appreciated
Oh, Cap, have you ever had anyone watch you bench? 2 years ago i radically adjusted my technique, initially my maxes dropped a bit but i quickly burst my old 305 plateau!


5/3/1 bodybuilding template:


Thanks for the link Badger, I'll give it a try!