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Current Physique/Mens Physique Comp?

Whats up everyone, just finished a 6 week “cut” dieted flexibly and was pretty dedicated to my macros. I couldve probably gotten a little leaner if i would continued my shred for a week or two more. Here is where i stand. I will also post transformation pictures from roughly 8months ago. Im curious if i should try for a mens physique comp within the next yr, given i am confident and display myself correctly, would i place well? What do i work on? Any criticism is welcome and questions about my regimens i will answer. CURRENT STATS 5’8 162lbs 6.3 bf

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I am 20 years old. Will be 21 this April on the 25

Awesome work man! You’ve obviously put in a great deal of effort in the gym and the kitchen. It has really paid off for you.

Your question as to how you could place at a show is impossible to answer, but I believe you’re at a level where you can be competitive in a local show. The variables include things like who shows up to compete, what kind of conditioning you show up with, what the judges are looking for on that particular night (It can vary a bit in physique), what level show you are talking about, etc. I think I can confidently say that you have the sort of physique that I’ve seen in shows, so I would give it a shot if it’s something you want to pursue. I think you’ve built up enough size overall to start competing. Your delts and arms seem to be very strong points for you. Chest looks pretty good, although maybe lagging a bit behind your arms. You don’t have a good back picture to assess, so I can’t give any feedback on that. The one picture looks ok, but that’s a weird pose.

If you want to get a better idea of how you might place in a show, I would look up past winners of the particular show you want to compete in, and see how you stack up against the competition.

judging by the pics, you can start with mens P and maybe go for classic bb… you already have legs and a great body, so you can put on some mass and go for BB later on. Great foundation, simply great.

Yeah youre in great shape. Def could compete within a year if wanted to. Keep it up!

Thankyou for time and kind words man. I have no idea about what kind of show i would do in phys i just have no idea if i am at a level to actually be competitive. My back needs more thickness for sure, also upper chest. Im going to do some research on shows in my area and find a show where i fit in! Thankyou. I have some reading to do and of i make a decision i would love to share it with you and get your opinion!

Thankyou! Will continue to add some size this yr and take my shot!

Thankyou for the kind words man! Classic bb would be ideal once i get the back thickness more pronounced and had some size elsewhere! I’ll start in p for sure and see how it goes! Just need to set up a show

You can def compete sooner than a year