Current Physique: 15 y/o, 6'4" and 90kg

Hi, so ive been training for 1 year now (since i was 14). And am turning 16 years old in april. What do yall think about my physique right now? (Tips and criticism are welcome) + do i have any potential on something like bodybuilding? + Any training / nutrition tips for tall guys?


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Great work at 15 youngster. Keep grinding and utilize that fast metabolism to gain mass. Keep the calories clean and high. My best gains when younger came from a 5x5 type program. You have youth on your side. Unfortunately that program is tougher once the weights get high and you get older… at least for me it did. Well done.


I concur… At your age, your best bet is to focus on technique, form and probably strength. No need to destroy yourself. No need to become too fat as well. Don’t worry, your better gains will come as you mature a bit more. You already have a great built for your age.

For tall guys I would say don’t skip isolation work, and do go too heavy on it (focus on feeling the muscle, forget the weight)

It depends on what your goals are. If you want to compare yourself strength wise to others who will be shorter than you, I’d suggest working on squats/bench. Both of those will build some dense solid muscle. I say this because your range of motion is going to be more. And people always ask your numbers for those lifts. I wish I had started early so I’d have some decent numbers now. Plus, you will need bigger thighs(Squats) or you will always look skinny. It’s hard to not look skinny as a tall guy.

Outside of that, I would just recommend not getting fat and continue to lift. You look to be off to a good start. Just be consistent and keep going.