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This photo was last year. I'd like to think I've put on 2-3 kg since then but changing countries and scales makes it hard to be 100% I'm sure I'm stronger than I was then because my max bench was 100kg and dead was 155kg. I haven't got any recent pose shots but I'm in a bit better shape.
The main reason I'm starting the log is to try to get some tips on technique for my big lifts (which are not really that big, yet!).

That was pretty much a max effort on back squat 100kg x 9 (i gave myself a free one on youtube)

3RM shoulder press 70kg- I'm using a bit of legs..

1 RM dead from the other day! 20kg PB! I hadn't done a MAX effort for 3 months.. bang!! 200 here I come! I haven't been doing many deads over the last few months.

This was a pretty weak clean press effort a few months ago 90kg

Did old school Clean "overhead press" use some legs. All the old school stuff says that within 1 years you should be able to overhead press your bodyweight on a barbell. Is that 100% strict? Not that many guys can do it! I'm confident I'll finally get there in 2011!