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Current Opinion on Weight Lifting and Blood Pressure


Anyone have some good recent studies on the matter? I'm under the impression more recent studies have shown it to be beneficial for blood pressure. Is this accurate?



Exercise helps some. Your diet and lifestyle helps more.


It generally helps, with a few exceptions:
If you're in a high stress environment all the time you probably need something different then a powerlifting & all sets to failure approach.


any arm over 13 inches relaxed circumference requires an xlarge cuff to measure pressure or else it will be artificially high.




My arm is 16 and the things at the mall measures my BP at 90/60 - 100/60 routinely.

Now methinks I'm going to die of lack of bloodflow to the head if my BP is actually lower than that...


i would consider a doctor.....




I would consider that his arm isn't 16", especially when relaxed. Cuffs that are too small cause you to get a HIGHER reading, not a lower one.