Current Max Out #1

I promised a video of my current max outs, i posted bench first. This was done today. I know its not 280 as listed, but its due to all the weight i have cut (i weighed in at 148.7 today). I am not lying on my lifts. I will try to post squats tomorrow, then power cleans and pull-ups after. Please inform me on my shit face technique after.

I say you can do a tad more…IMO

I wish

[quote]marines_32 wrote:
I wish[/quote]

That just seemed to moth alittle smooth…are you driving with your heels?

Good stuff, i’ll give that a shot friday and see where i am at.

[quote]younggully wrote:
I say you can do a tad more…IMO[/quote]

x2. You had another in you.

I am not too sure on that because 270 was a miss. I have the video to prove it. I’m trying to post my squats,pull-ups, and power cleans on to get some advice, but my piece of crap phone wont let anything send past 30 sec. Anywhoo…any wrong with my form and such?..