Current Gear Advise

hey ive been running my cycle since easter of Test Prop 1cc eod, and tren acetate for 2weeks now 1cc eod. My stamina and sex drive have been random and fucked. its like one day i feel ill feel one way and the other just plain old sloppy.

So i was thinking of adding 250mgs of sust per week, and 500mgs or so plus of EQ. This is a 14 week cycle ending late july.

Do you guys think this will fix my libido and stamina problems? Is this gonna be alot more intense as well or what not? what do you guys think about this, and maybe should i should make changes?? All advise is appreaciated.

ps i also started using around 4 6-oxo a day for estrogen lvl controls

Before you do anything drastic, switch your injecting protocol so that your are getting the same weekly amount, but injecting every day.

If your symptoms improve this could be your answer very simply put.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
As has been said on here MANY times, concentrations need to be listed, NOT amounts.

1cc means nothing, unless you also tell us what the mg per ml concentration is.

Also, as P22 says, shoot your gear ED. This should make you feel better by reducing fluctuations in blood levels.

Finally - prop and tren for 14 weeks? What are you, a masochist?

so u guys suggest i should do a shot every day-set dosage amount relating to mg/ml goal/rate per week. So for test id be handling half the dosages just over 2days? just trying to understand were on the same page.

Ok and my tren is 75mg/ml and i do 1cc eod so far 4 2weeks aiming for around 5-6 weeks or when i run out. The Test prop’s stats im not 2 sure about, but it says 5% on the vials by farmonks tectoctepohy nponiohat.

As said before id like to use EQ about 500mgs a week until end of cycle in late july. and was talking about sust 250mgs per week.

This all might not be needed as you guys reccomend splitting shots ed vs eod, for a possible stable feeling and well being. Like i feel like a man somedays and tearing the gym apart, and other days i feel like i cant keep going/ b/c im out of breath or sluggish or loss of stamina in all activities such as sex, gym, plain walking.
and yes i have been feeling big and also i been feeling slightly warm. B/f i was doing 1cc of the same prop listed above ED and that was to much for me, nose bleeds at times, fever feelings, and my brain was one minded i felt like i couldnt think much and kinda dumb lol.

Thanks for taking the time to read. I just need advise away from the people i know, there all crazy are pretty much Bodybuilders, advise from them is do more throw in this ect ect. But not very educated, u guys seem to be very educated here thanks.