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Current Diet/Supplements


age: 24
weight: 216-221 (it jumps)
height: 5’10.5

I’m currently taking these:

  1. Metabolic Drive - 2 per day. (sometimes i substitue a Metabolic Bar instead)
  2. Apex multivitam - 1-3 a day.
  3. Flameout - 2-3 a day. I forget to take this a lot. ;/.

I am thinking about adding these:

BCAA - 8 per day, everyday.
HotROX EXTREME - 2 per day, everyday.

Currently I work out hard twice a week.
Then I do Cardio 1-3 times a week(eliptical machine for 1 hour, heart rate at around 130, constant).
Recently it’s been mostly 1 time a week–doh. (so roughly i exercise 3 times a week…i know it’s not that great)

Here is my average days meals:

7:40am --> Kashi Lean Ceral (10g protein) + fat free organic milk (8g protein) (260 cals)

10:00 am --> Metabolic Drive Shake (20g Protein) sometimes i do a bar here instead (120 cals)

12:15pm --> Salad (protein unknown)
–> Spinach
–> Gonzo Beans
–> Carrots
–> Cucumbers
–> Walnuts
–> Cheese of some sort
–> crutons (5-9)
–> light dressing
–> tomatos.
(not sure of cals on this, i guess its around 700).

2:50pm --> Metabolic Drive Shake (20g p)
sometimes i do a bar here instead.
(120 cals)

5:30pm --> 1/2 or 1/4th cup cottage cheese (10g protein) + slice of whole grain bread.
(220-340 cal)

9:00pm --> Split Pea Soup (Fantastic*brand, 18g protein)
(320 cal)

I think that’s roughly around what i’ve been eatting. Of course I don’t follow this 100 percent but I’d say around 90 percent most days.

Adding up maxs with added leyway:
320 + 340 + 120 + 700 + 120 + 260

around 1800 - 2000 cals I think max i eat a day. (weekends i go out and eat and drink and stuff kind of ruins this whole above statement, but weekdays are good…i think?)

So. If i start taking these BCAAs and HotRox Extreme what time would be optimal? Should i just go with what the article states?

I’m trying to get down to 190-200 lbs. Hence why the HotRoX EXTREME. I have been slowly losing weight, over the last 7-8 months i have went from 237 to 217…very slowly. But i hear that is healthy. I drink coffee all the time for work…so i doubt i have any problems with stimulants. Maybe with HOTRox Extreme I will not have to drink so much coffee/diet coke!?

Oh… I currently take Levothroxyin for my hypothyroid and Crestor for my high cholestorol. Should i contact my doctor before I take the two above sups?

Thank u for any info or helpful advice!

YES!!! Contact your doc first.

Your protein intaske looks spotty at best on a couple meals. The Pea soup prob mostly veg protein not complete need a real protein source sometime after the 5:30 meal. and Meal #1. that Kashi Crap I would prob dump it depends on which it is but they load many of those with soy protien also wouldnt count that source or ingest it IMO, so your getting little to none at the first meal of the day.

Over all cals seem quite low but you say your on thyroid meds.

Id add fruit or veggie something REAL along with the shake/bars during the day.

Other than that look pretty good.

Oh and might as well ask Why the weight/scale goal?? Hows the body comp?? Why not a concentration on not dropping wieght but Fat and looking to up the % of muscle to fat. screw the scale.


What if I dropped the pea soup and added in a protein shake before bed instead, or more cottage cheese? Is too much cottage cheese a bad thing?

What about if I go eggs for breakfeast instead of Kashi? what else can I eat in the morning that has good protein value in it?

I will try to eat a Apple and pear (or orange) a day…i was doing that for months but then I burnt out for some reason.

Thanks for infos,