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Current Diet Help


In college and can be restricted to times but this is BEST case scenario.

5AM: 2oz Pasta Can of tuna prelift

7Am: Post Workout: 5 Egg Omelet(Onion,Tomato,Bacon) (2 Pieces of toast or carb source by my school cafe) (Dymatize Mass gainer shake)

10: Am Mass Gainer shake

11:50-1 Meal: 2 can of tuna on wheat bread and a carb side

3Pm: Meal: 8oz ground beef 80-20 and 2 oz pasta 2oz mixed vegetables

5Pm: 8oz ground beef 80-20 and 2 oz pasta 2oz mixed vegetables

Class from 6-9 Pm

Meal prep for the next day and shower and homework

11Pm or 12am Bedtime Casein

My class times go as follows:

Monday: 11-12 am 1-3pm 6-9pm

Tuesday: 8Am to 9am 1-2pm

Wed: 11-12 1-3

Thur: 8-9 1-2

Friday:11-12 1-3

Weekends free.

Planning on working as well so I don't know how I'm working around the times.


Get rid of mass gainer.

Just use whey protein. Need more calories? Add fruits, oatmeal, rice cakes, PB, some kind of oil, etc.

If you can change your carbs to rice and potatoes, the better.

Add some vegetables. 2oz is not much.

1 scoop of plazma will be 100x better then what you are doing now. Since you are not wasting money on mass gainers anymore, you can afford it.


So up vegi to maybe 4oz or 6 oz if i can adjust well? and Alright so sub plasma at all my mass gainer times?


Just up your veggies. dont make it complicated.

Use plazma as recommended and change your mass gainers to protein and extra calories shakes.


Ok cool thanks