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Current Dexter Jackson



Guest posing. Looking pretty good. Enough to hold off Martinez, Green and Heath? Personally, I doubt it.


He sure does have a pretty shape to em. What is he weighing in contest shape? Like 237.5lbs or something? Last time I heard he was getting slightly bigger. Who I haven't seen anything from is Heath. Did he get wider? Is my question


Jackson has got a great shape, that's for sure. There's a vid of victor up on MD, he's looking pretty good too.

I haven't seen anything from Heath either. I think you can probably assume that he's going to bring some big time improvements, he's still so young.

I'm not a big fan of Kai Green, so I might be a bit biased, but I don't think he'll take it. I think it may come down to Heath v. Victor. I doubt dennis wolf will be a real contender for number 1 either. Jackson might have a shot, it depends what the judges want in terms of shape really.


As a Victor fan, I'd rather have NO ONE else win but him. I feel so bad for him that he was robbed in 07, then was injured and could've repeated in 08. In my mind he could have easily had 2 O's now.

However, for some reason I just don't see him winning it this year. I know he has time to improve since the Arnold, but hes not MUCH bigger than Kai in the upper body (if at all) and his lower body is much behind. He does have superior proportions and lines/shape, but I don't think it'll be enough. He would need to come DIALED in to win it and I don't think he will.

GOD strike me for my blasphemus rant!


you cant discount em right away, he did win last year's Olympia.

im still rooting for Kai, i think hes on a real train ride right now and is gonna be hard to stop.


i know that was tough for you elusive, it's a twelve step program and that's step one.

Look i'm a Kai fan but i like Vic. He does have a classic build, for him it's wheels and conditioning, we'll see i guess. He could nail it all bring up the quads and be dry and full come O time.

heath, kai, dex, wolf, toney, vic, branch, it's a good time for bodybuilding.

also, i wouldn't be surprised if Jay makes some improvements he could finish anywhere from 1st to out of the top ten.


the problem with dexter is he is too short, it most likely will be down too kai and heath, give vic another year


Why is that? I though being shorter was somewhat advantageous because less muscle make you look much bigger. I mean someone who is 5'7 at 220 will look much better than 6'0 230.


Not when they are standing next to one another.


you have no idea. I'm disgusted with myself.


the 5'7 guy would be still be much bigger. Theoretically speaking the 6'0 would need to be 270 if we follow the 10 lbs per inch rule.


i still don't know how silvio beat freeman, anytime you have a muscular tall guy next to a muscular short guy, the tall guy should win easily...it's more impressive...sadly the judges atm must be kinda short otherwise tony should have got 2nd at the australian pro


According to who?




While some people may hold it against him the problem isn't Dexter is to short it's that people make these kind of statements.


It isn't more impressive unless the taller guy looks MORE filled out than the shorter guy. Freeman looked fucking amazing the week before, but for some reason he didn't look as filled out on stage. Silvio did. That is how he lost.

I really believe Freeman would have to break 300lbs at that height to beat them all...but then he might have to let his waist go a little.


All you need with Silvio is for someone to come in a bit off. He comes in shredded with tissue paper skin every single time. When you're like that, you don't really need to make massive improvements from show to show. All you need is for someone else to fuck up. I don't really see where silvio can put on any more muscle anyway - his frame is just packed out.

I'm a bit of a fan of Freeman's physique. Not so much of a fan of the ass-slapping/jungle print trunks routines though. I'd rather see him come in a few kilos heavier and a bit fuller than try and smash it up over 300. X, you're right, there's every chance he could thicken up his waist and ruin his lines. If he could keep his waist tight and bulk up more, then he'd be a genuine Olympia threat I think.

Before he got beat by Silvio, Sean ray and everyone on MD were talking about him being an olympia contender. I doubt anyone would say that now. Goes to show how quickly things can change.


Is Cutler dead or something?


He is to me.



Yea, I don't think Jay has any possibility of taking back the O - I mean, you never know, but I just don't see it with guys like Heath around....