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Current Dennis James Progress


3 Weeks out






Keep starting those threads man... Maybe you can spam all the circuit-training-threads etc off the front page.

That'd be a major victory for bodybuilding on this site lol


looking good, how big are his arms those things are huge.. traps and shoulders r awesome to


I am wondering if there are really people here who would look atthese threads and think 'eww gross'. It cant be true.


These threads make me disgusted...... at myself...

I have a long way to go...



X, keep it up man.


Great pics. At first, I thought "wow, forearms lagging big time", then I saw the last pic and revised that thought!


I've seen all the pics up put up so far, not these tho, he's looking fantastic. He could shake em up at the arnold for sure!!




Damn, it looks like his skin is about to tear in that pic of him on the preacher curl. Unreal.

On a side note, it's nice to see a bodybuilder wearing actual sneakers and not hiking boots with ginormous socks! haha


Jay Cutler rocks Jordan's in almost all of his workout vids, that's one of the reasons why I like him so much lol.


If this guy could dial it in at the time of the show and keep that fullness he would be a threat to everyone on the stage with him.

Always liked him


Kinda looks like a lighter skinned version of the OP at quick glance. . .


Wow Danny Trejo in that last pic looks amazing!


And I understand that the hiking boots and ginormous socks is probably only for photo shoots but damn, who ever thought that was a good look?

/end threadjack


He's looked much, much better ever since he took it down to around 240-250 contest. Waist is much tighter than it used to be and overall symmetry is great.

Not that I didn't like the old Dennis James (criminally underappreciated imo) but the new guy actually has a shot at winning something.