Current Deca/Test E Cycle

So far my cycle has been this (currently on week 10):
WK 1-9: 300mg deca/300mg test e every monday, 300mg test e every friday, 12.5mg aromasin ED

Wk 10-12: same injecting regiment, 40mg winstrol caps ED (20mg morning, 20mg night), same AI

Wk 12-14: 300mg test e mon/fri, 40mg winstrol, same AI

Wk 14-16: just AI

Wk 16-20: novladex 40/40/20/20

i started at 207, currently 230. I added winny at the end to shed some water and help with prolactin issues (if i have any built up).

Should i taper off my test weeks 12-14 or does this look fine? I’m just worried about the potential crash from going off test.

Thanks in advance for any help/criticism.

How will the winstrol help with your prolactin issues? I understand in terms of leaning you out, but I don’t know where it relates to prolactin. Cabergoline is meant to help with that, and the liquid form is crap.

You could “crash” because of prolactin issues. You may have some erectile dysfunction when you come off the test because of it. Then again, you may not. I mentioned in another thread where a member here, an educated and wise AAS user, came off a test/ND cycle and came off hard. He did not use a pill form of caber. I believe he used the test taper over six weeks after stopping the ND, but still suffered erectile dysfunction and depression once off the taper. Thankfully he recovered, but even after some shoddy blood work, it was never determined why he crashed the way he did. My guess was elevated prolactin, but that’s all it was, a guess.

You could consider the incorporation of HcG when you begin week 14. That should help. 250iu, 3X a week. That won’t change anything with prolactin, though.

Your suggestion of tapering off from weeks 12-14 wouldn’t make sense unless you extended the taper to something longer. Based off half life alone with test-e, it sort of has it’s own taper. There are arguments both ways regarding that. Either do it over a longer period, or not at all, given it’s “natural” taper.

Good luck.

5.0, thank you for your advice and knowledge.

About the winstrol and prolactin issue, i read this from a Q&A by Bill Roberts:

“… stanozolol binds to the progesterone receptor but is not progestogenic, whereas nandrolone is progestogenic. Thus, Winstrol may very well block the progestogenic effect of Deca that can lead to bloating, gyno, and/or impotence.”

That was from 1999, i’m not sure if there is recent information leading to otherwise. If it doesn’t, that’s fine, the benefits apart from that with the winstrol is good enough for me. Plus i got a good deal on it (60 20mg caps for $60), so im not that worried.

You see the word “may” used, which is is a familiar one with the use of AAS. So many of these affect us in so many different ways.

I’ll be anxious to hear how your recovery is/was, based off your winstrol use and the progestonic effects of ND. I can tell you I have developed gyno using both test, ND and winstrol, and that was here in the recent past.

My caveat is I can’t state whether I developed the gyno while using the winstrol, though. I may have already had it. I can say it did nothing in reducing it, though, only nolva was effective there.

Please keep this thread active, and let us know how your recovery progresses!

Started my pct this past saturday (2/13)

Taking 40mg of Nolvadex (20 in the morn, 20 at night)

Doing 40/40/20/20

Do you guys recommend staying on Nolvadex longer since i did a 13wk cycle?

Currently weighing between 222-225.

nolvadex does nothing for me for some reason, same with clomid…idk maybe the stuffi had want legit…

im actually doing this same cycle, teste and deca except im using letrozole and its amazing…the deca seems to make me compeletly non horny but besides that i have no other estro side effects…nice to hear you put on over 20 pounds…

ive come off test before and am perfectly fine besides being a little tired but phentermine fixes that so it works out…i prefer test e/ tren over deca though. I get better results, more strength and burn wayyyyyyy more fat…anyways im pretty sure letro would help you but im not a 100 percent.