Current Cycle Question

personal info: 23 yrs old, 6’2, 252lbs. 13-14% bf estimate

past “ph” cycles: pheramax, m-drol, havoc

current first real cycle: cutting
test e 500mgs weeks 1-16ish (maybe longer)
winny 50mgs weeks 12-16
adex whenever really

nolva on hand but might try test taper.

started the cycle with d-bol but dropped it due to high bp but got on an ace inhibitor and now i’m good. i started at 260 and got to 270 week one. dropped the d-bol now i’m cutting. didnt start cutting til week 3 when test kicked in. now at 252. running it 16 weeks since i didnt really kickstart. its now week 9. i’ve lose some bf but u know how that is. it cant come off fast enough.

usual diet on low carb day: 4 chicken breasts, 22 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, cup of oats, 2 cans of tuna, whey. natty pb. lean red meat. little whole wheat bread. usually just have about 25gs carbs morn and post workout. rest of meals are protein and good fat.

i have one off day but dont go too high in cals. have one medium carb day where i just about double the carbs that i have on my low carb day.

supps: whey/fish oil. i dont think anything else is worth a damn. oh ya and clen every other week 20mcg day one and up it by 40mcgs each day then i stay at 100mcgs.

training: hiit 20 minutes first thing in the morn 3x week. 3-4 sessons of moderat post workout cardio. lifting 5-6 days a week. i also just started my seasonal job installing docks in a lake so i burn a lot of cals with that.

questions: hows the diet? pct or test taper? i’m guessing i’m a little bloated cause i’d like to think i’m a bit leaner by now. any suggestions with cutting really? i’ve cut twice and got down to 7-8%. cut last summer a month after phera-max pct and lost all gains and was still at 11% bf at the end of cut…(very angry still about that. clen probly didnt help.)

sorry for the long post but just wanted to include everything.

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With that long of a cycle I would definitely suggest you use a test taper. Shutdown as I have learned is more a product of duration as opposed to total amount of gear.

aight. i was actually interested in that. i just read the sticky on it.

so after my cycle i go into the “waiting period” for 6 weeks at 100mgs per week and then down 20mgs the next 6 weeks?

seems kinda goofy. what do ya think?

any comments on this cycle welcome.

oh ya thanks bushido for the compliment on my screen name. i want one so bad right now

ahh! so a test taper is needed for long duration cycles.

so 2 people tell me to test taper then i ask how my test taper plan looks and then u tell me to test taper?

you’re one of the great thinkers of our time. socrates, plato, aristitole and you

[quote]bobswetburrito wrote:
so 2 people tell me to test taper then i ask how my test taper plan looks and then u tell me to test taper?

you’re one of the great thinkers of our time. socrates, plato, aristitole and you[/quote]

WTF? the requirement of a test taper was a personal revelation. I’m still doing my research dude. I wasn’t in anyway telling you what to do.

5 posts here and your all ready bashing guys.

it kinda seemed to me that growing_boy was just making an observation. he is learning as we all are trying to do here

so go easy there killer…try not too piss us all off by post 10

that didnt sound like a bash to me, being compared to the likes of aristotle and socrates sounds like quite the compliment actually.bryan

hangiron i really appreciate your elaborate response to my thread. i belong to other forums but wanted to see what this one had to offer. you arent exactly post king yourself. i didnt bash either. are you guys that emotional?

anyway come guys. i know theres some guys here that can find some shit wrong with my cycle plan and or diet. or help with the test taper