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Current Cycle... Few Questions


I just bought a Nintendo Wii Fit and Currently I'm 2 weeks into a 15 week cycle. I'm joking about the Wii Fit ..

Start Weight 192, Current Weight 198. (2 days ago was last weigh in)

It's was going to look something like this:

Weeks 1-13 250mg Test Cycp / e3d
Weeks 1-13 200mg Tren En / e3d
Weeks 1-4 Winstrol Tabs 40mg / ed
Weeks 5-9 HGH 4IU/day
Weeks 9-15 50mg Masteron / ed
Weeks 11-15 HCG 200-250 IUs / e3d

Weeks 15-19 PCT Nolvadex 40/40/20/20

Stats misc info: 5'7, 198 lbs, 33yo, 3rd injectable cycle. I also did a 6 weekish Winstrol anavar cycle about 6 months ago to diet down from 218 lbs to 193 which worked awesome for that situation. I had a broken hand at the time and injections weren't much of an option.

HCH - move it back further in the cycle or add another 3-4 weeks worth right around now?

HGH - I've never done this before I have a 2 one month kit available to me if I want them. Of coarse I have to pay for them and I'm not sure I want to commit that much money to HGH. I would like your feed back on dosing/ schedule and results.

AI - I have none at the moment and it hasn't been an issue. Most would recommend Letro for Tren/Test combo correct?


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Thanks, I’ll look into the stasis taper a little more. My first impression was it sounded kinda like a gimmick or a fad. I said that about the internet too!

What if I spread it out 2iu’s for 8 weeks? Will I see some fat loss while on this cycle with the HGH?

IYO what’s best AI/SERM for Tren?

Have a Merry Christmas Bushi!


I knew I was forgetting a question here.

With the Masteron shots being every day would it be a bad idea to pin a 1/2 CC (50mg) in my biceps or calves? Also what pin size would you recommend?



I would recommend Arimidex for the AI with the tren/test combo. A dose of .25mg EOD should do the trick. I have used Adex with good success with these two preparations.

I don’t believe a 1/2 or even a full CC would do much for you for site injections, especially with masteron. What do the other guys think?

On a different note, I think you could get away with 100mg Masteron EOD. That is what I do if I am lucky enough to come upon this prep. I’m a lil jealous you have it available…haha!

Goodluck bro.


I’ve heard calves are ridiculuously painful–DG can attest to that, as he posted a really loud message about pinning his calves a while back…

I think cabergoline is a good idea while on tren to control the prolactin levels (.5mg 2x week or so, wouldn’t go any higher than 1 mg 2x a week, but you shouldn’t need to do that at all), and I think adex as an AI is a good idea–if you control E, you don’t have to worry as much about prolactin levels. It seems that prolactin potentiates adverse E effects.


You do in that it is a potent libido killer…