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Current Cycle and Issues

Currently running

750mg/wk sus
600mg/wk tren E
Nolva 20mg ED
HCG 500iu/ wk

Been on this for approx 5 weeks

Experiencing little pumps in the gym and lack of appetite. Im experiencing many tren sides with this; aggression, short temper, sweats, lack of sleep.

Was thinking of lowering the dose to try combat this or would the addition of an AI solve any of these issues by lowering E>?

thats a heavy cycle man, and running no AI not surprised your seeing sides, drop the nolva and save for PCT fairly pointless whilst on cycle and replace with an AI.

Is this your first cycle with tren?

Nolva 20mg ED
HCG 500iu/ wk

is wrong.

Use SERM or hCG to maintain the testes. You really want to avoid overloading the LH receptors. You can do that with too much LH or too much hCG or too much LH+hCG.

250iu hCG SC EOD is a replacement dose for LH which will maintain the testes.

Overloading the LH receptors will increase E2 and the high rates of T–>E2 can can occur in the testes cannot be managed with anastrozole. Anastrozole is only effective in peripheral tissues.

Controlling E2 in the lower 20’s [pg/ml] will optimize how your cycle works, and libido. SERMs are effective in “Selected” tissues only.

Cycle–>PCT should be hCG then switch to SERM, or SERM only will do.