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Current Condition, Improvements?


Let me know how I'm doing/where I can improve etc. Thanks!


back and legs shot plz.


need back and leg shots, though from the front it looks like u need to work on ur lats


Shoulders and chest could be improved too. Forearm vascularity is great though, you've done a good job getting yourself into lean condition.


you've got the beginnings of a very good foundation. nice muscle shape, proportion..that's so important. there are guys who can put on a lot of size but have awful shape so no matter what they do in terns of training and diet still just don't look good. but if you're trying to gain size i suspect you might not be eating enough judging by your leanness. what are your goals?


LOVE your forearms!!! Very nice :smiley:


Hey cool thanks all. I attatch a back shot, legs will be next, just need to take a more recent shot.

In terms of goals I'm pretty much going for the best alround shape I can in terms of performance. As in good strength/speed/gymnastic ability.


Nice physique, but for gymnastics?

What kind of gymnastic ability?

If you're talking about tumbling, let's see the wheels.

If you're talking about any other gymnastic event (rings, for instance) then those biceps and triceps need to be more developed. The guys who do this stuff professionally have huge arms for their size.