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Current Canada/U.S. relations rant

Anyone else here (specifically any of my fellow Canadians) as disappointed as I am in our government’s lack of direction on the issue of supporting the U.S. on the Iraqi issue, war against terrorism issue? I’m disgusted with the way this country has acted since September 11, more directly, I’m disgusted with our Prime Minister who doesn’t seem to give a damm that the country next to him was attacked a year and a half ago and has spent the better part of the last year and a half avoiding making any sort of committment to help in any way. I’m not talking about sending troops to Iraq, I’m talking verbal support, moral support, assistance in any other way. We could at least be doing more diplomatically to support the Americans, instead of trying to be more like the Europeans when we share a border with the Americans for crying out loud. We can’t afford to be so stupid, can we? If anything should happen to Canada ie a terrorist attack, who will we turn to for help? Our leader doesn’t even have the brains to at least tell the Americans we don’t support them. Instead he plays both sides and appears to change his mind every single day on where he stands on the issue. For god sakes, look at what the Brits are doing while America’s closest ally, largest trading partner and traditionally, best friend has turned it’s back? And don’t get me started about us sending peacekeepers to Afghanistan. Discuss.