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Current Brandon Curry Progress


Bodybuilding hasn't been this interesting in the pro ranks since the 90's.





The fullness in his muscles is otherworldly...

I like these threads X.



damn haha can u say lats, the first pic i never see anyone do that pose but lee priest


Yeah, he must workout.

wait a minute....



NO !

As i said in another thread, his mother gulped down BSN's No-Xplode who now sponser him and he came pre-packaged that way when he came out of the uterus !




Just kidding, the way some of these guys are looking now makes me want to rethink pursuing powerlifting.



Sergio Oliva popularized that pose:

And I'd be damned if Curry isn't approaching--or has already reached--Oliva's size.


Sergio Oliva smoked everyone else in that pose (and, due to his ridiculously tiny waist and great tris/lats, imo there's no one even today who actually manages to look better in it).

As for Curry, damn... Huge improvements... Compare this to what he looked like in his old bb.com interview..


and sergio oliva


lol what? The first thing that popped in to your head when you saw a pro BB'er was that you want to start PLing again?


He may have reached his size/weight, but imo Oliva's structure is still superior for that pose imo.

Btw, you posted the Oliva comment 1 minute before mine got through lol


Sergio Oliva


o ya nvm i forgot about him lol


The way these authors completely berate all aspects of bodybuilding, I am not surprised that many of these guys who read these articles feel the same.

I am honestly not sure why the guys who run this site allow it.