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Current Best Approach??

CT - I have been playing catch up with your layers approach from throughout the year’s posts. But I am not entirely sure which variation are you currently favoring for “power look” hypertrophy cycles alternated with strength cycles since the posts I saw are several months old now.

Can you pls help clarify? Thanks very much.

What was very effective several months (or even years) ago is just as effective now.

Just because I’m using or creating a different version doesn’t make the other ones obsolete and ineffective. It doesn’t mean that the newer version is more effective either.

You have to understand how I work. I get very passionate about something and then push it to its limit. Then I switch to something else. I always try to build programs that solve problems, and every time I find a program that fits the bill and find the best way to use it, I move on to something else. that’s my greatest strength but can also be seen as a weakness.

I understand your point, it has just been a long time since reading the forums and I couldn’t quite tell where to start, it was a lot of info to absorb. Thanks.