Current Alpha Male Status

I have been using Biotest Alpha Male on and off for many years with mixed results. It was out of stock for quite a length of time but I ordered a bottle recently once it was back. I cannot recall the “old” formulation but is this current one dramatically different? If so, how?

I ask because I am using it 5 days on/2 days off, using a 2 tabs in the morning + 1 tab in the afternoon dosage and am experiencing something quite unique.

Hunger levels are through the roof. Cannot stop eating.
Sleep quality improved. I was having some issues with that.
Bodyweight up 6-7lbs in about 17-18 days.
Strength levels up.
Acne breakouts across my back & shoulders.
Sex drive is nonstop.

Not particularly problems! Just asking to see what changed in the formulation and if anyone else is experiencing similar effects.




I dont know much about this supplement, but does it support testosterone? If so, have you had pre Alpha Male blood work and peri Alpha Male blood work? Curious about trying it out. Looking to increase libido.
Im waiting to get Estradiol blood levels back, but suspect it to be high. Been checking out Estrogen blockers(killers lol)
and testosterone boosters.

Yes, it is supposed to be a test booster. I did not get any blood work done as results are usually fairly tame in the past. It would have been interesting to see the different numbers this time around though.

I recommend giving it a shot.

Hell, yeah!

From a thread on the Biotest forums, they removed the vitex and tweaked the ratios of the tribulus, eurycoma, and forskolin.

I also give the new formula three thumbs up.



Good to hear a solid testimonial, I am going to give it a run in a few months when I am planning to eat and lift for strength gain again.