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Current (2010 - Now) Bands?

Hey folks - Many of these thrreads de-evolve into metal bands or Classic rock from the past. What NEW band(s) do you like and why (and who would they be of interest to?):

Okay, I’ll go first.

A new band that eveyone should check out is the Country Westerns. The vibe is Uncle Tupelo crossed with the Replacements.

The IDLES: (straight up rock / punk)

King 810. I love me a bit of King 810.

I like IDLES, June had me in tears though, was listening to the album and just wasnt expecting a song like that.

Been into Mumford and Sons lately. 2011’s Babel is my favorite, which is a little old, but their new stuff is okay too. Babel’s just my favorite. My mom got a One Republic CD - 2016’s Oh My My, that I found in her car a few months back and it had some songs I really liked on it.

Not sure if you’re into those styles but neither of them are metal or classic rock!

Been listening to Caligula’s Horse lately - their most recent release Rise Radiant is damn good, as is their previous release In Contact …

Also, not really a new band, but Opeth’s In Cauda Venenum is fantastic

Nonpoint - They have been making music since before 2010, but they still rock.

Bobaflex - Great band that never got the recognition they deserve in my mind.

I’ve been listening to Ripe a lot lately. Great “fun” music, pretty upbeat stuff, not entirely sure which genre they fall into,

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Sounds neo-funk/soul to me … good shit

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The HU