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Curran's Log of Badassery

Worked last night until 3am, got to sleep at 4am. Woke up at 10am to go back to work until 3. Hit the gym to do my lifting session but this was my first night on the new job (I got hired as a door guy at a local bar) and I haven’t adjusted to the sleep schedule yet. Needless to say I’ve been feeling very sluggish today and opted to do a little light intensity cardio for about 20 min and a neural charge workout of medicine ball pushups, box jumps, broad jumps, and med ball slams. Unfortunately I still took my normal lifting protocol which consisted 2 finibars and 3-4 scoops of peptopro with some creatine monohydrate tossed in.

10am Breakfast:
2 scoops Up Your Mass by MHP (a relatively complex carb sourced weight gainer) not the best thing in the world but it beats many alternatives for a quick, easy breakfast.
1 tablespoon ground flax seed
Juice plus, Flameout, vitamin D3

4pm protocol:
2 FINiBARs, 3 scoops peptopro, creatine

I have work again at 7pm until 3am and I am feeling pretty drained despite a pretty good workout. Rather than take some carbs for energy I’m going to take an hour nap and slow my metabolism down, fast for the night (maybe one scoop of whey at work if I get too hungry).

I will post again either tonight or tomorrow with my nutrition for the rest of today (shouldnt be much!) and then my previously scheduled workout that I will dominate tomorrow.

Fasted all day/night yesterday w/o pulsing (not the best idea). slept from 4am to 12pm and hit the gym for an hour of fasted cardio (3.5 mph, 5% incline). Afterwards i had 2 finibars, stretched, foamrolled and did a neck/grip workout

Swiss Front holds 3x32 seconds
Swiss side holds " "
Wrestler bridge 3x16

CoC trainer 3x12
Fat Grip partial deadlift 4x5 ramping + Max Rep
Plate pinch 6x10 seconds
Max Coc Trainer Rep

I thought I would have enough gas in the tank to still have a good workout but I was still feeling a little drained. I work at a bar as a bouncer and I am walking around all night. Its a lot of NEPA and I work up a good sweat for about 5 out of the 8 hours. If/when I fast again I’ll have to make sure I am drinking more water (pee was a little too yellow this morning) and at least one or two pulses.

I will be going back to the gym tonight to lift and do medium intenisty cardio. Depending on my nutrition and how I feel I may take another entire protocol.

Finished up the day yesterday with the following nutrition

1 lb steak
1/2 lb spinach

2 burgers with small bun and 2 slices of cheese

small handful of cashews
small handful pistachios
small carton of strawberries

I know this is a lot of food and its a blend of all three macronutrients BUT my reason for this is because I was having some pretty liquid shit (i.e. diahrrea) because of the fast and then only consuming peptopro and FINiBARs. Lesson learned : if I am going to fast, eat a solid meal before I begin (with some fiber) and make sure to eat a solid meal to break the fast.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the gym because I was shitting my pants all night. FML.

I am headed to the gym now for an hour of fasted walking followed by a trap + ab workout

Going to the gym soon for a lift session. Will post workout after.

Diet for today:

3 cans tuna with evoo
1 can mixed veggies (mostly corn, peas, and white potato)

2oz curried chicken
2oz roasted veggies (carrot, mushrooms, brocooli)
2 oz egg salad (egg, mayo, dill)

Will eat 2 FINiBARs, 3 scoops peptopro for lifting protocol

Had a fucking KICKASS workout. I felt awesome, the food yesterday and today really helped along with a good nights sleep

Deadlift 6x3 ramped up to 375 and it was easy, definitely gonna go up 10lb next week

Pullup 1set x BW lb x 3reps, 2x5x3, 2x10x3, 1x15x3, held the peak contraction for about 2 full seconds, moving up 5lbs and cutting the BW set next week

Underhand High Row
ramped up to 100x3, dropped to 90x8 for a max rep set

All in all it was a fucking great workout, I felt awesome at the end but definitely well worked.

I just got home and had 1 small orange and a scoop of platinum hydrowhey w/ creatine (forgot to add creatine to my peptopro)

Gonna read for an hour or two to digest, take my JP and Flameout, hit the sack, wake up for an hour of fasted cardio and a neck/grip workout.

Great fasted cardio this morning followed by ample stretching, foamrolling, and a neck workout. Forgot my captains of crush so i will do a brief grip workout later today.

Breakfast when I got home was

1 grapefruit
1 scoop whey
one slice spinach+mushroom quiche w/ evoo and sriacha

Gonna lay around and read today, its rainy out and I have nothing to do, I will be back at the gym later after a couple hours and a several hundred calories.

Forgot to add my Flameout, D3, Juice Plus to my breakfast. I will also be getting some FA3 soon too to help with the holes in my diet

5pm meal

2oz blueberries

2oz guacamole
2oz baby arugula
2Tbs evoo

1scoop whey

The salad posted above is fucking delicious if anyone reads this. Definitely give it a shot. The guacamole is avocado, cilantro, onion, tomato, salt.

8pm meal

4oz curried chicken salad w/grapes and almonds
4oz roasted veggies
2oz blueberries
1scoop whey w/ 1 milled flax

gonna head to the gym in about 90 min, will eat 2 FINiBARs on the walk followed by 3 scoops peptopro w/ creatine

had a good lift tonight, full protocol included. i did full body heavy workout based off of IBB

I also had a scoop of 2:1:1 recovery with creatine afterwards because i was really feeling drained, my muscles felt tired. I will get plenty of sleep tonight before more fasted cardio

once i finish up the little food i have i am going to begin a new diet. its very simple and boring but easy enough for me to not cheat and to make sure i am getting enough calories (this has been an issue for me recently without carbs)

my one large meal which will be my breakfast after fasted cardio will be:

9 scrambled eggs with 6 mozerella cheese sticks and evoo drizzled on top

3scoops whey, 3 eggs, 8 Tbs heavy cream, 2tbs flax seed

peri workout protocol: 2 sccops surge fuel, 4 scoops peptopro, 1 scoop 2:1:1 recovery

Totals: 2570 cal, 132g Fat, 209g P, 99g carb

Should be a good starting point to nail down my nutrition to see more consistent loss.

I have a feeling I will need to toss in some carbs in breakfast or possible a bi-weekly refeed but won’t do so until i physically feed the need to (loss of energy, chills)

Started the diet today after an hour of fasted cardio + stretching. Ate the mozerella earlier with some leftover chicken/tuna/avocado mix. eating the eggs now. will take protocol in 2 hours and have the whey shake tonight during work. shit’s going good. I will toss up a new scale weight and pics this weekend.

Had fasted cardio at about 1pm for an hour

sipped one scoop peptopro during cardio

stretched and ate 1 finibar with another scoop peptopro

neural charge workout of clean from hangs, clap pushups, speed step ups, kettle bell swings, sumo kettlebell hold (exercise from recent article from Jeremy Frisch)

felt pretty drained after cardio but the finibar really helped and my sluggish workout picked up pace after a couple circuits

ate 12 eggs with arugla

6 cheese sticks a little later

gonna sip my protein/cream/flax shake for awhile and then fast for the night, I work in an hour (8pm) and will get to bed by 4am. I am going to save a little of my shake (its very thick) and dillute it and drink it later for a mini pulse with some fats around midnight.

fasted cardio tomorrow followed by full workout protocol and a back workout, a couple hours to eat, then work again

rinse and repeat on friday. will continue to post. pics to come this weekend.

tonight at work I had the chance to take over a kitchen position for a coworker who had to take a roommate to the hospital. The perks were a higher hourly wage, full tips ($30+), a $15 bonus just for volunteering to do it, all the free wings you can eat (medium, hot, spicy garlic, bbq, and hawaiian), a free pitcher of beer afterwards, a free irsh carbomb afterwards, and you got off at 1am instead of 3:30am… needless to say I have have had numberous wings, several beers, a couple shots, and a damn good time.

Not to mention the $50 in my pocket plus wages. I’m 20 years old. I will survive the occasional as long as I am making consistent progress. It’s good for my mental and emotional health to try and be normal for awhile and drink with my fools as E.H. would say.

had fasted cardio this morning followed by a back workout. both workouts were pretty good despite some drinking last night. ate the eggs and cheese with arugula, taking the shake to work tonight. pretty bland day.

So the workout for yesterday was as follows

a1) powerclean from hang 6x3
135lb for all sets

a2)underhand high row with 2 second squeeze
6 sets at 95lb 3rep, 4rep, then 4x5

b1) med ball slam

b2) lat pulldown with triangle attachment, 2sec contraction
same as a2 but with 160lb

it was a good workout but lack luster.

Today I woke up feeling like I was hit by a train (definitely needed more sleep) I just got off of work and I have 3 hours until I go back. I am going to have 1 finibar, 2 scoops of peptopro, and go do a quick neural charge and possible a complex if I have time. then rush home, cook up my 12 eggs, eat, get to work from 7-4am. tomorrow will be fasted cardio and a full body workout.

No fasted cardio this morning. Work was a bitch. I got 8 hours of semi-quality sleep (could have been better) and I woke up feeling like shit. My whole body is tired and my upper back and IT bands are really tight. I had my 12 eggs and I’m going to stretch and foam roll at home. After a couple hour recoup and maybe a nap I’m going to hit the gym for an evening session to get this full body workout out of the way. I plan on murdering it. Tomorrow I’ll move into a pushing phase and do push workouts x3 a week and full body x2 (just like IBB)

I will also have to post my morning (post piss, pre cardio) weight and snap some new photos! I’ll have them up tomorrow

I had to stop half way through my workout because of exhaustion and lower back pain. I came home and foam rolled a lot and stretched my entire posterior chain but it’s still bugging me. I need to eat a little more and get some sleep. weigh in, fasted cardio, pics, and chest workout tomorrow

I woke up this morning and my lower back is seized up and its killing me. the pain in specifically on the left side and I think I tweaked it from having a tight glute. Also, I woke up totally congested with a sore throat and lots of mucus and phlegm. Not cool. My lymph nodes are slightly swollen and I have a little cough. I will probably make it to the gym later tonight for weigh in and a chest workout but no cardio today and I am going to get some orange juice and something to eat (that means carbs). I really need to sit down and get my nutrition right in the end and I also think my lack of metabolic training is holding me back. I may take the next 3 weeks to do this chest phase then switch my programming up completely. I hate circuit training but that’s probably just a good sign that it’s what I should be doing.

pics to come

So yesterday (Sunday) I ended up not making it to the gym at all because of my back. I ordered jimmy johns for lunch and jimmy johns for dinner with a couple protein shakes with and in between. I carbed up, slept like a baby for 10 hours and my back feels much better, my sickness is already leaving (except for some fucking annoying nasal congestion), and I had plenty of gas in the tank for 2 workouts today.

My weight was 205 with full water and full carbs today before my first lift (after going to the bathroom takin a deuce and a piss) but I will settle for that and not getting sick and losing a shit load of water weight and having shitty workouts for a week or more.

my new approach is going to be to eat carbs that come from beans, vegetables, and fruit. sometimes for breakfast I will have up your mass (until its gone) or some steel cut oats. my protein is going to come from chicken thighs, ground beef, whey, and casein. I wont consume very much fat at all on training days except for a little EVOO or coconut oil and whatever is in milled flax.

I plan on training x2 a day saturday, sunday, monday, and tuesday. once wed and thurs, and friday completely off. on wed and thurs I will eat eggs, cheese, veggies, and fruit. but no beans or oats. friday will be all protein with a moderate amount of fat (70g will be my starting point). rather than counting calories and shit I’m just going to try a hormonal approach and nix insulin except for during training times. the increased frequency and whole food nutrition should really help, ill be taking naps when needed too which I really feel will help stimulate growth even while losing fat. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ll post my training routine as it comes.

Todays 1st workout was a high volume, high rep, bodybuilding style workout for biceps and back. I really focused on my mind/muscle connection, peak contractions, and adding in band work for some extra eccentricless work load

second workout was force spectrum ramping partial back squats, then FSR ATG back squat, then some light, high rep ATG front squats followed by a light ab circuit