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Curly Hair from TRT?

Weird question, but…

Has anyone else noticed their hair getting curlier on TRT? I have always had wavy hair but it used to just be enough to make it where I could have big poofy hair if I wanted it. Ever since starting TRT mine has gotten curlier and curlier… at this point it’s a major pita to even get it straight enough to not look ridiculous.

I did a little reading on this and found a few people doing female to male transitions (i.e. testosterone) that noticed their hair had gotten much curlier since starting testosterone, so I thought maybe T does impact hair curliness somehow?

Has anyone else noticed this?

Yep. I wasn’t sure if I could attribute it directly to that, or if it means I;m turning into a dick head and it’s just transitioning to pubes.


I mean look at this shit. I went from this

to this, if I don’t blow dry it and use some stuff to keep it under control

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Is it that its drier and more damaged as its not growing as fast (FSH gets diminished)?

I’ve been on this stuff for 5 weeks and one thing I’ve noticed is my hair looks drier and less healthy.

It does seem that way. I’ve never heard of fsh having an impact on hair, I’ll look into it a bit

I’ve just been told that this isn’t the case- apparently the word follicle in this case is misleading.

I’ve made an assumption- there’s no facts in what I suggested and a Google of what FSH does confirms.

Be interested to know why my hair seems drier though- its not gone curly to the extent yours has though (yet).

Your hair is thirsty that’s all

Mine seems dryer as well. I’ve seen some people thinking fsh in women (which impacts estrogen for them) has an impact on their hair, but obviously that’s more just for sperm production in men since we don’t have ovaries and all, so I don’t think there’s really an impact from fsh directly in men.

I dunno. It kind of sucks though, I really liked my hair back before TRT. The whole numb d thing wasn’t so awesome, though.

That’s a weird symptom of trt. Is “white block face” due to high E2 levels?

Everything is due to high e2, everyone knows that

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My hair was very dry on TRT the first time around, then I found out I had vitamin C (iron, potassium, vita D), the vitamin C really affected my hair and wouldn’t lay right until I restored my levels.

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Look at the positive, you can craft a more rugged look this way!

If you really hate it shave it or at least get it really short. I’ve always had curly hair so no discernible effects for me (apart from body hair).

exactly me, after almost 1 year on TRT

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Interesting. Guess it wouldn’t hurt for me to try supplementing or at least test current levels of Vitamin C, etc.

My wife has nicknamed my short hair look as my “Eminem” look, haha, it’s def not a good one for me so no shaving or super short. I’ve thought about trying to cut it back to an inch or two on top but I’m afraid it’s so curly now it will be completely out of control that short. Now it’s at least long enough that with some product and a hair dryer I can get it mostly straightened out enough to be tolerable

Thought about dying it blue and sticking it upwards as tall as it can go?

That’s the plan for Halloween this year

Haha sounds like way too much hassle for hair! Mine is just short, I used to have it slightly longer but that required a skilled hair dresser to keep it good (and products), now the Mrs just cuts it for me, save money and time (both going to hair dresser and not having to even brush my hair anymore!) Win/win - plus I’m crazy grey for my age so keeping it short keeps that slightly less obvious!

@ncsugrad2002 new haircut already? :grin: