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I have been working out a little over a half a year now and everything has been going pretty good. The only lift that has only increased in the slightest is barbell curls or any in that matter. I have a job coming up that has very heavy lifting - 100+ lbs. Is there any way i can increase on this lift fast? i will train it every day if i have to, right now i am at 70lbs for 6 reps. I do a fair amount of grip training that hits the forearms as well and still it hasnt helped much. Anybody please help me out.

Yeah. Train smart, eat right, and sleep hard. And you will grow. As simple as that. Bottom line, read, read, read, read, and then read some more. Never train one bodypart. You must focus on everything because the human body wants some kind of balance. I heard of a guy once whose bench press gains halted, he started working in squats and training heavy on his legs, and all of a sudden his chest began to grow again! Search T-mag for questions and routines for your level. Stay focused and educated and you will grow at the natural pace. Keep your goals resonable too. Uhhhhh, the joy of the first year, your tendons strengthen, your mind-muscle connection tightens, you grow like a new born baby, uhhhhh… the days.

Become a Deadlift master and your job will be easy.

go on a strength building formula like with anu other body part. work with heavy weight for low reps, 1-3. or do lighter weight, 60% max and work on maximum acceleration for low reps. do you train all your bicep muscles. what grips do you use, overhand, underhand, hammer. laters pk

Do a weight progression like:
3 sets
1st - 6 reps
2nd - 3 reps
3rd - 1 rep + 1 or 2 negatives
The thing that helped my bicep strength go up was trying at my max and above.

i dont really see you curling up heavy objects, its impractical and unrealistic.