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Curls with Strict Form... with 12kgs?


Is something wrong here? I'm doing alternate bicep curls for 8-12 reps and max out with 12 kilos. I use the strictest form possible since I kept reading and hearing about how strict form is so great.

But I realized I'm using girl weights now... Is there something I'm overlooking here?

Here is a pic of me to give you an idea of my development. 180lbs 6'


stop using such strict form? stop being a pussy?

i bet both of those will work.

but in all honestly, grab some heavy dumbbells, curl as strict as you can for as many as you can and then loosen up the form and cheat curl for a few reps. it'll get you used to handling more weight. your physique looks like it can handle a lot more than 12 kilo curls. you probably just need to push yourself and stop being a form nazi.

     T to the Roll.


Speaking from a bodybuilding perspective, as long as you're making gains, the weight doesn't matter. If your progress has stalled, use a different approach (heavier weights, less reps, a little cheating).


also I did shoulders today and at the end I did lateral dumbbell raises. Again I used the strictest form imaginable and could only do sets of 10-12 with 5 kg dumbbells

Is strict form all it's cracked up to be?


Strict form is for the dudes who use it as an excuse not to lift heavy, I love watching the dudes in the cut off t's all tanned up easy bar curlin 50lbs, but it is totally strict form so they can get all ripped up and not to bulky.


this doesn't make sense at all


Really? And there was me thnking I use good form so i dont pick up stupid injuries.

To the OP, when you say strict form do you mean your one of those people that do a really slow tempo? Maybe drop the reps and increase te weight


Actually, heavy-ass cheat curls are recommended to strengthen the distal tendon of the biceps. Helps keep from tearing it during heavy deadlifts.

Cheat reps are fine if you know what you're doing and don't just use them to pad your ego. Sometimes you just have to force your body to adapt to heavier weight when it doesn't want to.


Arnold was a huge advocate of using cheat curls. Man would easily work up to sets with 275+ for reps on barbell cheat curls....And low and behold he had some of the best biceps on the planet....


How much is 12kg in colored dumbells? Light green?


thanks for all the tough guy comments, really mature. guess you are one of those people who doesnt understand what i mean by strict form.

i'll ask on another website thanks


nooooo dont go! lets be friends.


lol... what did you expect. you said yourself you are using girl weights. we do understand what you mean and we think its silly to train like that (unless you are getting the results you want, then noone can tell you its wrong, but if you were you wouldn't be asking about it I assume). Noone is going to say "yes keep up the ridiculous form, maybe next year you will be able to use the blue dumbells" because that's not how anyone trains

Unless that pic is totally misrepresented, I would be shocked if you couldn't do at least double that weight still with reasonably strict form and if that's the case you have to ask yourself why aren't you


Being 6' myself, and 70lbs heavier (not nearly as lean, lol but it isn't all fat) if you were to stand him next to someone else you would get a much better idea what he looks like.

While lean, that pic is very flattering.

Put a large tee shirt on him, and you wouldn't know he lifts weights.


Agree, never said you cant do cheat curls..

What i said was i keep good form so i dont pick up injuries, commenting on the guy above..cheat curls are different to shit form curls.


lol peace homie




This, as long as you are following some progressive overload principles which is any combination of increasing your rep quality, reps, and weight over time and are getting bigger you are doing fine. Your pretty lean and since its nearing winter time would get good gains in mass and strength if you bulked.