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Curls Make Me Sick


I'm doing 20 rep squats right now in my program. They're hard as fuck.

But when I do barbell curls, I want to puke.

Today I did 3 sets of 8. That's all. And I threw up in my mouth a little.

Da' fuck?


If your barbell curls are more intense than your squats, then you're not squatting hard enough.


Never heard of such a thing. Sounds serious!!


That's pretty strange man...


youre probaly resting the barbell somewhere on your stomach thats making you sick. or maybe you have a hernia.


or maybe he put so much effort into squats, the stuff he does after tips him over the edge?
that being said, i can make myslf puke with floor presses.
anyone else have specific stuff that they randomly throwup on?


bad food makes me throw up...


the toilet?


Could be a variety of things that make it difficult to comment on:

  1. Diet - what is your weekly diet and does it change for workout/non-workout days?
  2. Sleep - how much sleep (full sleep, not lying in bed wanking or reading) are you getting
  3. Workouts - What do your workouts consist of (e.g. are you doing a full leg workout then doing curls?)

Everyone is different. It could even by related to the time of day you work out.

For example, I find for me that I CANNOT work out first thing in the morning. I've tried several times and actually forced myself for 10 days once. Each time I would yack (multiple times), so it could also be the time of day you exercise and if you listen to your body.


I find that with barbell curls, no matter how I breath, I am lightheaded almost to the point of passing out when I put the bar down.

I've tried being very specific about my breathing, but no matter what I still see stars.


Are you doing really heavy cheat curls??? My experience is that cheat curls can be extremely taxing and turn into a total body exercise...if you are doing cheat curls that might explain your sickness. If not, I'm not too sure what the deal is bro.


Along the lines of this thought, if you're holding your breath hoisting the weight up, I can imagine the pressure of the air pushing against your stomach and causing a nauseous response. This is especially true for me if I eat something solid about an hour beforehand.

Had to change my meal beforehand to 2 hours prior workout. Anything more = hunger. Anything less = O___o;;


Deadlifts make me feel like absolute shit.


Actually this is probably the problem. I squat every day and sometimes add barbell curls at the end of my work out.


op, when you curl are you hitting your nuts with barbell? That would make me want to puke


Widowmaker sets (20+) of serious squats every day does not sound like something advisable.

Caveman's was my guess too. How much time elapses between your squats and curls?


If you take a combination of supplements that don't mix well, that could contribute.
EX: NO-Explod with anything else in my stomach makes me pretty queasy under intense strain


I thought this was going to be a thread about hating curls....

x2 on the 20 rep squats every day not being advisable. I think that if you are capable of squatting the next day after a 20 repper then you didn't go hard enough on the set.

Like some of the other guys said, it's probably just the curls tipping you over the edge after the squats.


Yeah i think this is pretty simple really


Maybe you should do 20 rep curls, followed by 8 rep squats. Then you would throw up after the squats and everyone would think that was normal.