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Curl Jockeys Go Too Far


Pages 1 and 15 are most important


This is the IQ level of that thread:

hahahahaha hai douche. umiss lecter?


What is with those guys and the word brah.


What you talking bout brah? Lets go blow out our hair and like spray on some tan and stuff!

But seriously I don't expect any thing better from that putrid cesspool of a site.


Monday: Biceps
Tuesday: Biceps
Wednesday: Biceps
Thursday: Biceps
Friday: Biceps


So that makes saturday an off day, and sunday some light bicep work for active recovery?


that link is another reason why we should be thankful for the exsistence of T-Nation.


This is just wrong.


This was on page 3 of the thread in response to a different guys picture. It's too rediculous but it just might be real.

"bro..dont lay off your arms. dont worry about balancing out. as you get older your back will get wider. most 18 year olds dont have lats, they come after 21 for most guys.

your unbalanced body may be bad for the miscers, but screw them.

girls will be all over you in college. who do you want to impress more, girls or the misc?

your abs are good. chest could be better. just keep it up bro, and if you can at some point wear a tank or go shirtless in college. you will get laid. ALOT."


So...you go through puberty around 12, arms grow at 16 - 18, and lats form at 21.

Damn, I was trying to find this in my physiology book in the sexual development chapter, but it was on bb.com all along.


bb.com is catching up to 4chan quickly. 4chan has got to start stepping it up...or down, depending how you look at it.


and your born with big legs and bad knees so you can neglect those :wink:


I actually feel like I lost brain cells while reading that one page.

To think this is my generation. We have so much to offer the world "BRAH".


Say whatever you want but on the second picture the dude posted on the first page, he has big arms.

Might have no back, delts, traps and chest but I guess he gets the attention in clubs.

Just to pitch in on the hating, yeah because of bb.com the global IQ dropped by 51 points.


I can't believe how small his lats look in that upper body shot on page one. It looks like he has some wasting disease in that area.

edit: I liked this pic


I have nothing substantial to add. I've never looked at that site before but it was fun.

This accompanied the picture and made me laugh:
LOL you're pretty jacked man. Look like you could be a punt returner or soemthing in the NFL.


I think bb.com is the purgatory for all the dipshits we chase away from here.


Agreed. A plain background would've been a far better choice for emphasizing the gunz. What was he thinking?

P.S. If you stare hard enough at the lettering on his tank top it reads: 'currls'...


It actually does. Look at this hilarious quote someone gave him:
ROFL you look like a fuking goomba. I can't get over how stupid your chicken neck looks with your ogre arms. You have a mental disorder do some shrugs and some other exercises. You don't look good you look like a freak for real im not insulting you im being dead serious. That is not a "good look" noone is jealous of how you look. Step away from the barbell curls and start training your neck and back ect.


ah that guy, back before i knew anybetter i used to post on BBing.com many many years ago, he was posting then and was given shit for not training anything other than arms, looks like the "haters" did'nt deter him.