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Ok I am a decent size person and I don't want to be hugh but I do want to be well defined is there any certain type workouts that I should do and is there and substance Legal that doesn't have major side effects but will help to get the definition im looking for.


food, gets lots of it and your set


Check out all the articles on eating by John Berardi. That's a start. Check under the article library, under Authors, at the bottom. Then check the beginner's thread in the beginner's forum for good training articles.
Once you have a basic understanding of how your body works, You'll be able to ask questions that aren't so wide ranging as yours.
Hang around here and you'll learn everything you need to know. It's a good site.
Push hard.


Better be careful, sometimes people get huge by accident. You wake up one morning and you look just like Ronnie Coleman.


Oh good god here's another one.

Just read the articles on this site and LEARN. There is no magic formula for getting big or defined. Your question is really way too vague to get any real answers.


I lurked on this site for weeks, searching, reading, more searching and more reading. I suggest you go through the articles and you'll find all the answers you are looking for. The search feature really is quite useful. Here's a good starting point:


Posting a general question here is like like asking NASA how to build a rocket. There is no single answer.


There's an endless supply.


Give your stats and training and diet, and we can give more help. Don't get mad at any of the responses so far. If you knew how many posts like this we get here that turn out to be from someone that's a smooth, 140 and never picked up a weight, you would understand. Not saying that's you, but we need more information