Curious to Know Why Such a Drastic Decline in My T Levels?

In March of 2021 my t levels were around 600ng/dl and as of my most recent lab test is 277ng/dl. Is it because I stopped working out? Prior to the lower levels I was experimenting with herbal supplements for stress/anxiety and V exercising/working out sometimes twice a week or more.

A fluctuation in SHBG, poor sleep and what you eat can affect your hormones. Also it could mean you are moving towards hypogonadism.

Stress and anxiety can lower testosterone, also these mental issues could be caused by low-T. Working out too much can also lower T.

If all you have is Total T values, it’s only part of the picture, the Free T is where the rubber meets the road.

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Thank you so much! I had the most recent labs done recently per request of a hormone replacement clinic that I contacted because I saw multiple people had reduction in anxiety/depression symptoms and benefited greatly from TRT.

The clinic is prescribing 1cc/wk test c, 1ml/wk anastrozole, & I think 1ml/twice a week of gonadorelin (Monday with test & on Thursday by itself).

From watching TRT videos on YouTube I don’t want to take the AI like at all. I asked if it was absolutely necessary and the doc said,” You can do your own thing but if your levels get out of sorts then you’re going to have to pay to get them back up”.

AI’s have their place, but in most cases aren’t needed and even when they are trouble is ahead.

There are too many options on the table to counter side effects on TRT, like frequent injections of smaller doses to help minimize aromatization.

I have high E2 on TRT and zero issues.

Count me as one of them.

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Thank you so much and God bless you brother! Your advice is much appreciated! I can hardly wait to begin this new journey. I know that it’s not a magic bullet but in the long run it will be transformational with some fine tuning my diet and the right amount of exercise coupled with great advice (Medical, scientific, & even therapeutic).

Instead of the 1cc (200mg)/once a week as prescribed by the doc, I was thinking of starting off at least 100mg twice/a week. When I asked him about splitting it up, he said something along the line of, “Is that the way you want to do it? Once a week is less shots but you can do it that way (not verbatim)”.

Do you think that I should start off every other day vs. the twice weekly?

What, exactly, were you taking?

I was trying out ashwaghanda, maca root, 5htp, St. John’s Wort, and maybe couple other things for approximately a few weeks each supplement and not all at the same time after discontinuing antidepressants. I wish I had documented my experience with each supplement and perhaps taken each one for a longer period of time. I’ve also used kratom and still do. I find it helps me to be less anxious.