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Curious Gyno Solution: Sprints

I guess this message is for those that have had gyno there whole lives.
I had gyno my whole life. Skinny fat
Was a decent athlete

I got out of shape in my twenties and thirties
I got in shape in my late 30’s
I got tested and it was no surprise I had very low test and high estrogen
I suspect I had it most of my life

I went in clomid
It helped but made me too hungry and emotional
Gyno subsided somewhat
Up to this point only solution was high intensity interval training
This made my gyno least in my whole life no matter what I ate
Key was to do sprints at full speed
I decided to try try injections
100mg of cypionate per week

Immediately my gyno got worse
My strength

Um… was there more to this sentence? Seems like you submitted the post too early.

But, yep, sprints can reduce bodyfat which can certainly help reduce gyno (to a point) when you’re skinny fat. Estrogen is clearly a factor too, but dropping fat never hurt anything.

Probably could’ve/should’ve expected that side effect. Are you still on TRT?

I tried to delete the whole post

My question would have been redundant.

I think we can help you. Fatty tits is not gyno.
TRT can fix this but you need to get your E2 and ferritin measured and under control.